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Monday, March 24, 2014



Has anyone seen a corpse lying around?  Dapper fellow, big mustache, probably wearing a uniform, and probably has an extra hole or three in it.

Franz!?  FRANZ!?

I suspect our Franz is already dead...

WiscoDave dropped this cheery piece of news in my mailbox: At least one Ukrainian politician thinks the way to resolve their "Russian Problem" is genocide - by nuclear weapons, if necessary.

I personally don't give a whit if Ukrainians and Russians slaughter each other to extinction.  The value of this story is to remind every Patriot that there are people out there who will adopt those same tactics to win against you and your ideals.  You are nothing to them except an inedible meat sack standing in their way.

Count on it.

Here's the link.  Thanks, Dave.


**Update**  A friend of David's (who reads Russian) advised that the actual tone of the exchange was less acidic than portrayed in the English translation.

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  1. I wouldn't count too heavily on them considering you or me inedible... Not that I'll care if they kill me. ;)


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