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Monday, March 24, 2014

Tactical Practical: Firearms Inter-operability

Many of you anticipate a long coming ordeal with disrupted supply lines.  To that end many of you have prudently stockpiled ammo and firearms and spare parts.  I know a few of you have taken my advice and decided to outfit your family with the same firearms.  If your wife is most comfortable with a 9mm and can't proficiently get to the .45 ACP, then everyone in the house is assigned the same model 9mm as primary sidearm so you can exchange mags and ammo and even parts.

I have seen several comments across various blogs in which the commenter declares something like: "I have my AR and Glock and plenty of ammo - I'm all set..."

But, are you really "all set", even if you have several thousand rounds for that Glock and AR?  What if you run out of ammo?  What if you have a horrific Zoomie-esque river boating accident and lose your supply?  If the country gets to that ugly place where ordering a box of ammo becomes impossible (again), what happens if you only find .38 special rounds while you are out scrounging?  Or .410 shells?

Consider building your firearms collection to include at least one firearm in each of the most common US calibers.  You do not need to buy a safe queen in every caliber.  If you do not own a 12 gauge and funds are tight, hunt the used market and find an H&R single shot.  If your collection is primarily .45 and 9mm centric, find a used .357 that will allow you to use any .357 and .38 caliber ammo you may find.  .410/.45 Colt.  .44 Mag/.44 Special. 

Think about it.


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  1. Check. I don't own a 12ga or a 9mm, but Iv'e stocked various ammo for both. Shouldn't be too hard to find a match. Wouldn't you think that if one were to expend 3750 rounds over a short time, and still need ammo, "still in the fight"
    that there might be some surplus lying around? Not like their coming at you with pitchforks and tire irons. I'm not that lucky.


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