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Monday, March 31, 2014

Enemies Foreign & Domestic: 2A Fights SitRep

A comment on one of our blogs from a Patriot on the ground the other day warned that tensions in NM were running high.

Yesterday, it appears things went hot, instigated by NM LEO.  Brock has the information, here.

Meanwhile, as expected, New York has telegraphed how they will play their confiscation game - attrition.  Connecticut will likely follow.  I've spent some time hunting for any signs that the general populace in CT supports confiscation, that anyone is out on the streets beating the drums.  I came up empty.  The only people agitating for a fight in CT are politicians and paid Useful Idiots.  For Patriots looking for a 2A fight into which they might wade, look at New Mexico.

I have spent most of my blogging time in the last few weeks to keep Patriots informed about the dangers abroad that will have an impact on our domestic troubles.  Ukraine and Senkaku are not benign regional politics.

...and Korea has now gone hot, here.  Remember, no significant action takes place from the North Koreans that is not sanctioned by PRC.  The wise Patriot looks at the entire board.  Keep an eye open and let's see if more Sino-Russo satellites begin acting out...

If you focus on any domestic activity in a vacuum, and do not understand that CT is directly related to Ukraine, you are not being prudent, and you are leaving yourself open to an unseen sucker-punch.

It is all related.

Prudent analysis will provide you with more than enough high-drama.  You don't need to make shit up.  Bad analysis leads to sky-is-falling stupidity.  Kenny has an example, here.

Many good people will die in our imminent Candid Exchange of Views.  Many, many stupid people, and those following stupid people, will perish as well. 

I would suggest you all begin to rely upon your own counsel.


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  1. Sam, I have been focusing almost exclusively on the homefront and not paying much attention to anything else of late (that is, except the tactics used by the Ukraine protestors). I guess I'm missing the connection between CT and Ukraine. Please advise.

    Patriot Jon


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