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Monday, March 31, 2014

NC PatCon: Who's going?

Are you planning to attend?

Holly and I will be there.  We'll be teaching Fight to Your Weapon on Friday.  If you have already taken the course, you attend free.  If this will be your first time, the fee is only $208, and 1/2 is donated to Brock for the event.  Send him your fee with your attendance check.

After our class, Grenadier1 will host a primer on working AirSoft into your training.  I strongly recommend that you sign up for this course.  Ammo is expensive and this will allow many people to spend more time in the field, actually training.  Details are at Brock's, linked below.

Personal note: I have been sparse with details about H and my schedule and travel plans: After Brock's PatCon we will soon be heading to Idaho to join the III Patriots who have already moved to the Citadel Redoubt, and those who will be joining us over the summer.  Our studio will be open before our Idaho PatCon.

Back to Brock's.

Major Wolf is attending, here.

Israel is attending, here.  I know he'll be accompanied by our ally and III Patriot Lewis Wetzel and his family.  I know CA is attendingDavid from NCRenegade will be there.

This is only a handful of the quality, serious III Patriots who will be there for you to meet and grow your contact list.

Here's Brock's link.  Meeting this man is worth the trip, every single time.

See you there.



  1. Mirabelle and I will definitely be there 5/9-5/10. The wife is still a maybe. Looking forward to seeing Holly (and you, I guess :-)) again. Holly, can you please choke me out again?

    1. "Holly, can you please choke me out again?"

      I will be happy to oblige Mr. P. ;-)

      Very much looking forward to seeing you and Mirabelle again...and to meeting Mrs. P. Please tell SP that she simply must join us! Wouldn't be fair for her to miss all the fun.

      Counting down the days to the Spring 2014 NC PatCon,



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