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Sunday, March 2, 2014

How fast can you dig a hole deep enough to protect you from incoming fire with your E-Tool?

Defensive Training Group is one of those quiet sites that avoids the drama and simply offers fundamental knowledge that I consider to be essential.

The semi-circle trench pictured above immediately hits the brain as something only useful to the Fighter in the deep woods or rural AOs.  But consider the parks in your suburban or city AO and what targets would present from such vantages.  Perhaps simply at the end of your block to provide cover and concealment to help control who does, and does not, enter your neighborhood without challenge.

Here's the link.  Please don't wait for we bloggers to link to DTG to visit - there is always good stuff to be found there.  Make it a part of your daily routine.  Then let your mind work on how to apply fundamentals to your particular circumstances.  Consider the suburban LEO who has never been in the woods when you start doing basic earthworks for cover and concealment in your neighborhood, and the advantages for your Team.

(PS - you'll have to forgive the sentence structure of the title - it's an inside joke with a few people about a particular coffee mug with an attitude problem...  ;) 


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