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Sunday, March 2, 2014

It is the Premise that offends the Soul...

This is a topic I circle back to once in a while because it is the ideal example of "Examine the Premise" on the political field at the moment.

Most of you read that sign and agree that verifying who you are to vote should be a requirement.

But let me then ask: Why should you, born a freeman at Liberty under Natural Law in America, be required to show personal identification for any item in the "Yes" column?

When you bend knee to a premise, it becomes precedent.  If you aren't careful, it becomes habit.  Once it becomes inculcated as an expectation on a cultural level, you've got a real problem.  The chains binding Americans are self imposed, folks.  At least at this moment, the ability to be rid of these chains is simply a choice, and nothing more dramatic.

One day soon those chains will be too secure to escape.

Here's the question: What the fuck gives you the Right to demand I submit to your arbitrary rule of identification, or any other demand you pull from your arse?

When you finally understand and resist the premise, you'll begin to find your path to true freedom and Liberty.

Start with a small selection of the most powerful words in the world:

1) No
2) Fuck You


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