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Thursday, March 6, 2014

October 1962

I was not alive during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but I know my history and I have been lucky enough to have had first-hand reports over the years of my youth from people who were at various levels on the inside as those days ticked into history.
Those of you who are old enough to remember those days must be beginning to feel a sense of deja vu all over again right about now.  You probably are also feeling an added sense of dread.
To borrow a line and take a bit of license: Barack Obama is no John Kennedy.
And Vlad is harder than Khrushchev.
Ego and Face (Yes, Virginia, they are very different things) are very dangerous aspects of the Human animal psyche if not properly developed and controlled.  The capacity for a man who has never tasted a backfist to take a bad decision based on his own unrealistic assessment of his abilities, when the stakes are as high as World War III, is significant.
Scheduled or not, ordering the U.S.S. Truxton into the Black Sea on the same day the Crimean Parliament voted to remain allied with Russia is exactly the sort of bad decision I am talking about in the prior graf.  I can only imagine the reaction of the Commanding Officer of the Truxton when ordered to carry on.  He and his crew are now potentially the trigger of WWIII, and nothing the Commander and his crew do can affect the outcome.
Simply sending that ship into Russia's Black Sea - yes, it is Russia's - POTUS has taken a decision that no Russian can take as anything less than a national challenge, and the average Russian will look to Putin to protect Russian national pride.  Yes, the Russians are a proud people, whatever we think of them.
This was either an amateur mistake made by a POTUS who has never tasted a backfist, or it is something even more sinister - a lamb being sent to slaughter.
I don't care what you think of our President, the Russian President, the people of Russia or Ukraine, our US Military, or anything else.  Tonight, think about the men and women aboard the U.S.S. Truxton.
History is rhyming, right now.
As an ally reminded me: Remember the BRIC alternate financial market.
Patriots: You have protocols.  Be ready.


  1. ".....a Lamb being sent to slaughter." I just had a chill go up my spine. Very well said, sir.

  2. If it did not at the time, it should certainly make one rethink the basis of the continuous firing of nuclear weapons corps officers.
    In his last movie role, as Proximo in Gladiator, the late, great, Oliver Reed said it best, "Ultimately, we're all dead men. Sadly, we cannot choose how but, what we can decide is how we meet that end."

    1. If one looks at this through a cynical lens, many things start to make sense, don't they?

    2. "If it did not at the time, it should certainly make one rethink the basis of the continuous firing of nuclear weapons corps officers."

      The funny part is that a lot of people take stuff like that and pretend it has NO basis. Hey, it just happens, so it must be crazy to try figure and figure out the motivations.

      Like it's some random happentstance, who gets purged and who doesn't. "Intent, you say? Go hide under your tin-foil hat."

      In a way, that's the whole thing---the pretension that something human can happen without intent. Lose that and you lose the Responsibility...which is exactly what nearly everyone's looking for and why Obama soared to Queen Bee.

  3. i remember lots of practice hiding under my desk at school and my dad stockpiling canned goods in the basement!

  4. Your blogs of the 30 bombers have been submitted to Zerohedge and Drudge with no results.
    Considering that this originated at Beforeitsnews.com and that the turner network have been unbelievably wrong on the average of 99%, it's very, very likely bullshit ideas of tinfoilers, of which I am one.

    Consider the bomber news manufactured until one of the appropriate non msm dudes like drudge confirm it.

    You gotta ask yourself: WHY would the NRO and appropriate agencies publish that their spy satellites found bombers to be loading nukes? They wouldn't.
    Stop being a fool for bullshit dude.


    1. SF: There's a reason in this part of the Liberty Sphere we call it the "Lame Stream Media" - whether they choose to cover a story, or not, has no bearing on its legitimacy.

      I have this story on 3 different websites - and it is an established, well-used technique of conveying messages by our .gov as well as the Russian .gov. It may or may not be legit, but given all the facts, it is relevant and earns a place alongside the total fact-set on this overall story.

      Now, read what you wrote: You are inaccurate. I never said they were loading nukes, nor did the site I referenced. It was noted that the planes were at a known base that has nukes - and that it looked like they were having payloads added. To assume those payloads are nukes is a leap, with no evidence in support.

      99% of what we bloggers do is read between the lines, connect dots the best we can. Trying to discern what is happening is often limited to watching the event horizon of a black hole - we can't know what truth is inside, we can only connect dots.

      So my advice to you is: Don't be a fool and dismiss every story you don't see on Drudge or Zero...


    2. It should be noted that I've re-submitted to both Drudge and Zerohedge with no evidence that my email "SEND" folder indicates that I sent the emails, twice...

      Could be my phantom email service but this is the first time I've sen this, although I CC,d myself and got the email. Just sayin.


  5. K,
    Thank you for your reply. I do not mean this an attack on your systems.

    I cannot give you a comprehensive reply at this time as we are drinking Irish Coffees. To do so would render me a fool.

    Perhasp more later. lol


  6. I flew with guys who were on alert in KC-135s during the Cuban missile crisis. They were convinced that the next step was all out war and that everything they knew and loved could be turned into radioactive slag in literally a matter of minutes.

    I think the only reason the Russians backed down then was because much of their strategic nuclear force was actually a bluff. They did stuff like build more missile silos than they had missiles and make it look like they were loading them. They had the West convinced that their forces were much greater than they actually were.

    I'm pretty sure anything they do now is not going to be a bluff.


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