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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oh, and there's this - 30 Russian Bombers perhaps being outfitted with nukes...

According to Turner Radio Network, Russia has amassed 30 nuclear bombers at an airfield adjacent to Russia's Borisoglebsk national level nuclear weapons storage facility and US satellites have seen "numerous transfers from the storage facility to the aircraft."

For those who don't remember the real Cold War, let me translate: Russia and America are posturing and both sides are doing so very publicly with very, very serious machines of war.

This latest move by Russia is designed for public consumption as well as for the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Situation Room.  It is also meant for the Russian populace, who want and need to know Putin has them covered and is not weak.  Russians despise weakness - with a revulsion and disgust that is visceral.

Make no mistake - putting payload on 30 Russian bombers at a known nuclear facility is serious business.  This is not a pair of long range bombers doing a fly-by in Alaska to make some radar jockeys get excited.  Nor is it - necessarily - time to jump under the desk.

The last time the US and Russians played these games - and I use the word "games" with tongue-in-cheek, because this is no f'n game - we had real men in control of our country - men who loved America (yes, even though they loved power and money, too) and men who knew what real war was all about.  Kennedy was not joking.  Reagan was not joking.

But the measure of our current POTUS and his staff has been taken by the world, and we all know, they are a joke.

When our submariners start counting coup with Russian warships today, we do not have the thinking men in power we did the last time such games were played. 

The Russians, do.  Vlad is no joke.

Here's the link.

This may all wind down.  But at the moment, it is spiraling upward and outward, at a pace not seen in many decades.  One wrong move, one over (or under) reaction, and all the wrong buttons start to get pushed...



  1. Obama et al have stubbornly refused to learn from Chamberlain. It's gonna be 'duck-and-cover' time.

  2. Possible original source for this article:


  3. Putin sends a simple message to the Euro Banksters and US neo-conz who promoted the Kiev Putsch: The globalist ZOG will not, under any circumstances, be permitted to hijack the Ukraine. Why they thought that could get away with it I cannot imagine. Sheer stupidity? Lack of historical knowledge? Ask Vicky.

    1. Yep - this is a political blunder of epic proportions by POTUS and his team. They need to stand down, and I really don't know if they are smart enough to do it.

    2. "Yep - this is a political blunder of epic proportions by POTUS and his team."

      I keep reading this, on all sorts of topics. There's no blunder at all, I'm confident. The participants just have different goals than the rest of us. It's like Solyndra, which was a quick success, even though everyone called it a failure.

      If it weren't so sick, I'd nearly admire it; it's as close to production as these maniacs will ever get. I mean, it's kinda simple---what do they want to happen, and is it happening? Individual liberty isn't so important in the face of war and nukes, is it? Didn't anyone read "1984"?

      Fill in the blank: Death philosophies produce ___________ .

  4. Kerry the fool is our spear-point. God help us.


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