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Thursday, March 6, 2014

USS Truxton entering Black Sea

The USS Truxton is a guided missile Destroyer, and she is headed into the Black Sea.

Reuters claims this is a "routine" event and was scheduled "before" the Ukraine/Crimea crisis unfolded.

I call it a trigger waiting to be pulled, if those who want war decide to pull it.  If Putin decides to say FU - he puts Truxton down.  If POTUS or some warhawk idiot in America decides they want to thumb Putin in the eye (or just start the next world war) they will order Truxton to do something stupid.

I ask you this: How long would the United States Navy tolerate a Russian or PRC Destroyer in Chesapeake Bay?

Very Bad People are making certain that all the right pieces are in place in case they decide it is time for war.

I hope you are paying attention.

Here's the Reuter's piece.


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