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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Power 101

A new classified intelligence assessment concludes it is more likely than previously thought that Russian forces will enter eastern Ukraine, CNN has learned.

Here is the bottom line on Ukraine and Vlad: If he chooses to take Ukraine, he will succeed, because there is not a single capable power on Earth willing to stop him.  And the few who are willing, can't.

That is your lesson on Power for today.  Real Power does not ask permission, nor does it apologize.  You may not like it.  But only a fool fails to respect it.

David has more on this story, here.



  1. Back to Putin is playing chess while Obama is attempting to comprehend checkers, but it really makes no difference, as Putin will do whatever he wants, since he knows even Obama is not stupid enough to risk a nuclear war, one that the Russians believe they can win, and it's none of our business anyway. Novel thought, I know.

  2. Well said, I think the world think like wise, I think its ok to be at the other end of life to say. I have seen democracy and Russia . I am in favor of the left with Russia , they are as you said a power to respect and not question. The roll has been reversed, the Russians are of peace and always have been. The USA uses democracy loosely as just a word. When did we vote on the USA policing the world? No one. They came into the second world war just at the end, perfect timing 22 million Europeans died check out the USA loss. Then work out where all Hitler youth went ? L.A. The Jews money and gold all stolen by the late comers to the war.
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    1. A power to respect, to be sure, but not emulated. The role reversal is cosmetic, purely a fiction created for foreign consumption.

      You can choose BlogSpot.com or wordpress.com to begin a new blog. Both have very good online tutorials. Many people who have used both services seem to prefer wordpress.com - good luck!


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