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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Prepping: Consumables


Many of you are much better preppers than am I.  That said, I have seen a few comments across a few blogs that lead me to this topic: Consumables.

http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/Concerned American used a phrase that earned a genuine laugh from me when he labeled the coming North American Liberty Games as a "Candid Exchange of Views".  Yeah, that's pretty much an instant classic.  You'll see it used here again.  ;)

In our coming Candid Exchange of Views, you already anticipate burning through ammo, eating food, drinking water, and even needing meds.  You've probably set back extra glasses and/or contacts, water, food, band-aids, et cetera.

Some of you have even set back extra rifles, ammo and fighting gear for family and/or neighbors who wake up suddenly and come to your place with a new affinity for the concepts of family and tribe.

When you kit-up in your top tier gear and enter the fray, you know you may lose gear.  You may not be able to retain every mag.  You might break the blade on your knife.  You may even be forced out of an area under fire, having to leave your ruck.  Hopefully you have extras...right?  More than you think you will ever need...right?

Not only do magazines get left on the field at times, and blades break, and rucks get left behind, and magazines wear out.  Web gear may not be up to the challenge of continued hard use for years.  Zippers wear out and buttons get lost.

That barrel on your AR will wear out after X rounds.  Your pants will be torn and ripped.  Wear them long enough and they get thread-bare, then the crotch or knees open.  Boots wear out, especially if you are running them hard in mud, muck, pavement and such.  NV Goggles do have an end-life and will eventually need a replacement intensifier.  Items such as NV gear often need special batteries, and even batteries have a shelf life.

Put your junk on your bunk and think hard about every single piece of gear upon which your life, and your quality of life, will depend.  Figure out how many layers of back-up you consider a minimum.  Lay-in those extras.

If you have taken the time to perfect your load-out, searched for just the right tactical vest and pack for your gear - and you lose it on Day One or Year Three - you can't depend on a mail order re-supply and you can't depend on finding a replacement in the field.

Consumables.  Get more while you are able.



  1. Lt. Colonel Hal Moore: I think you oughta get yourself an M-16.

    Sergeant Major Basil Plumley: Sir, if the time comes I need one, there'll be plenty lying on the ground.

    Those girlymen and little girls they're packing the military with are going to be your very own supply depot.

    1. Anon: Are you willing to bet your life and the chastity of your women on that?

  2. "Candid Exchange of Views"

    or the Coming Unpleasantness. :)

  3. As a yacht delivery captain and former long range commercial fisherman, I know the value of back ups and replacement parts, something that is in bred the cruising community. The hard part now is balancing rising inflation with what you THINK you need and want, plus .gov looking over your shoulder. Like you said, lay it all out, do an inventory and in fill where needed. Maybe now is the time to cash out of the banking system and invest it hard assets. Took 3 years to finally get my wife to agree that buying now is a better investment in everyday and long term items.
    Good luck you all.

    Lynn A. Stokes
    Eastern Pacific Yacht Delivery Service
    Morro Bay,Ca.

    1. +1 Lynn. Cruising here even on the relatively sheltered Chesapeake we always carry extra food, water, at least one extra prop, one extra carb, fuel filters, etc. The old saying "Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it" rules boating and combat. ;)


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