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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Appalachian Redoubt

Sandman has put together the concept of an "Appalachian Redoubt" based on the solid premise that much of the Appalachian chain is populated by strong, smart, moral people with more shared culture than differences.  The geographic area is resource-rich, defensible, and productive.

Not only are the mountains a natural, physical impediment to the genetic waste occupying most of the major metro areas of the eastern seaboard from Richmond/Norfolk to Boston, the contrast in personalities is vivid and stark.  The people and manners and morals of those who call the Appalachians home echo to the best of our Founding era, and call to us all as where we should seek to return as a people.  The people, manners and morals of those in Boston, NY, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Richmond are a different breed - one we would all be wise to avoid.

Yes, I am painting with a broad brush.  No, I'm simply not in the mood to nuance this post.  Either you get it, or you don't.  While I am personally a Chesapeake lad, my parents both were born within the outline of the map above.  As were all of their parents.  And many, many others in my bloodline as well...

I do not see a downside.

Here's the discussion happening at Max Velocity's place on the topic.



  1. IMHO it's a sound observation. Coming from someone within the area, I dare say that it is the Hindu Kush of the United States. Sparsely populated with hard men you generally aren't advised to fuck with, the only downside I see it the meth heads and comms. It would be a nightmare to try to pacify, the lack of roads, the lack of local intel, the sheer gap in knowledge of bushcraft between the locals and some limp-dick from Washington. I know personally of a few groups in SW VA not listed that are rather serious men, but probably prefer to remain unlisted. Honestly, the biggest threat IMHO is drone and air assets being a huge problem. You don't get up in these hills with vehicles or tanks, the roads and infrastructure simply aren't there. God damn thermal and IR bullshit...it's really a downer. Don't mean to ramble (thank you Blanton's), but just wanted to add my input from a local.

    1. "God damn thermal and IR bullshit...it's really a downer."

      Chin up, jj. In the mountains and hollows, plenty can be built to mitigate those problems...even nukes, technically. Lots of soil stops lots of problems.

      And meth heads, like anyone else who doesn't want to live, aren't worth a moment of your thought. This much is certain---bad guys must be stopped. That's something to train for alright, but it's not something to think about.

  2. To many Nuclear Power Plants in Tenn. for my blood. One power outage and your redoubt is glowing in them thar hills.
    Just saying.


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