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Saturday, March 8, 2014

To the hilt...

This post is for those III Patriots who know I will come if called.

Never let your guard down for even a moment.  Those who mean to be Masters intend that you will bend knee, go into a camp, or ditch.  They will use any means necessary to accomplish their goals.  Your most treasured loved ones are nothing but tools - sacks of meat - they will use to force you to their will.

You have allies.  Most of you have at least one person in your AO that you trust at your shoulder - someone you trust to cover your back.  That trust carries an obligation - reciprocity.  You must be forever ready to fight to the blade, and blade to the hilt.

When you and your allies get together, remind them of this trust and obligation.  Remind them never to do anything that may compromise the Tribe.  Compromising the Tribe can never be tolerated.

The Spartan Warrior was permitted to lose his spear or sword in combat.  He would even be forgiven by his allies if he lost his helm - for the spear, sword and helm were for his personal defense.

However, the Spartan who lost his shield would not be forgiven.  He would likely be stripped of Spartan Citizenship - a rebuke that any Spartan would consider the ultimate shame.

Why could the loss of his shield never be forgiven?

Because it was the shield that protected his brother in the Phalanx.

Use this information as you will.

This ain't no fucking game.



  1. Come back with your shield - or on it

    One of my mother's favorites.

  2. Brock - your mom rocks!!

    1. :) Thanks. She was something else.

      Conf. Mem. Day-05, 10, 1911 (My Grandfather & Mother)

      "..........To hear real Confederates give the Rebel Yell was a bloodcurdling sound. Richard Bales group's rendering of this is like a lullaby in comparison. To hear our own valiant, brave soldiers made us want to pick up a gun and kill the first Yankee in sight."


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