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Saturday, April 12, 2014

A single Battle, nothing more...

To every single American who supported Liberty in the Cliven Bundy Affair, well done. 

Very well done.

Celebrate, to be sure.  But my friends, remember our shared history.

The Stamp Act was in 1765, more than a decade before our Declaration.

The Boston Massacre was in 1770, a full six years before our Declaration.

The Gaspee was burned in 1772, four years before our Declaration.

John Parker was on the Green in 1775, more than a year before our Declaration.

I assert the North American Liberty Games have begun.  But as in our past, there will be periods of relative quiet and simmering anger, punctuated with sharp clashes with those who would be our Masters, before full, open warfare.

The Cliven Bundy Affair is one such clash.  Liberty won this engagement.

But do not for a moment think the war is won.  The Enemies of Liberty will come again, and again.  They will be determined not to underestimate your devotion next time.  They will plan to introduce sufficient force to make us suffer defeat.  They can not allow the masses to believe that they are not all-powerful.  They can not afford to let Liberty win many skirmishes.

Steel yourselves.  Train as you have never trained before.  Lay-in your final preps.  Shed anything, anyone who reduces your ability to survive and prevail.

There will be another clash between the forces of Liberty and Tyranny.  Then, another...

...until one side is dead.

The North American Liberty Games have begun.  Now the choices are few.

Bend your knee.

Or, Liberty.  Or Death.



  1. My God! It has actually begun; a victory no doubt, but I honestly never thought I would live to see this day. We took them by surprise this time, the resolve and fighting-spirit of Americans was grossly underestimated. Best bet is they will be ready next time. The only easy day was yesterday. Steel yourselves...

  2. http://video.foxnews.com/v/3461214955001/land-of-the-free-rancher-battling-feds-to-protect-cattle/?playlist_id=921261890001#sp=show-clips

    Here's Cliven's sister on faux news


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