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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Details of the BLM/Fed Surrender

It would seem that the BLM was actually tripping over itself to end the Bundy debacle.

According to the report linked below the BLM had even offered TO PAY the Bundy's for the cattle they had confiscated!  Patriots on the ground refused that offer, and demanded the cattle be released to the Bundy Ranch.

BLM bent knee.

But, do not for a moment think FedGov has suddenly realized the err of their ways and the need to abide the Constitution.

They will come again, somewhere.  Sooner than later.

And they will come hard, ready for a Patriot response.

Count on it.

Read the report, here.



  1. Paranoia will destroy ya. BTW: Whatever happened to Obama taking away our guns? Colt, Bushmaster, Rock River, MagPul, ...they just love reaping the profits off nut job doomsday people like you.

    1. If you do not agree with the focus of this blog, why are you reading and wasting a portion of your life to comment? I will not change your mind, and you will not change mine. Go forth, and sin no more.

      And don't waste any more of my time.


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