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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bundy: Considerations

I'm going to reiterate what I wrote below.

I have not heard anyone in this process declare their goal.  Stewie Rhodes is parachuting in, and you know he has an agenda that may or may not align with the best interests of the Bundy's or Liberty.  Stewie takes care of Stewie first.  None of the Bundy's have articulated their endgame.  The Feds have not telegraphed any intent beyond rounding-up the Bundy Ranch cattle.

Do the Feds have a plan to execute an arrest on or about the 19th to make a point?  Does Cliven Bundy's behavior (ignoring a Federal Judge and Order) open the door to an arrest?  Does it mandate an arrest?  Do the Feds simply mean to take his cattle (livelihood) and let that be the end of it?  Has the paradigm changed from the Fed perspective, forcing them to change plans that may have been on the table?  Has this already become bigger than they anticipated - or is it just now ramping up to their target?

At this moment the concern is not simply what we do not know.  The bigger concern is that we do not know what we do not know.  Therein lies exposure to peril.

If you are considering the trip to Nevada, be certain to weigh everything.  Once you get there, you will probably not be in control of events and you may not be able to extricate yourself if stupid people take stupid (or self-serving) decisions.

If you are going to Nevada, I would urge you to use the experience to test your comms capabilities, from getting pictures, audio and video out to FreeFor, to using your HAM.  Even if you do not have your HAM licenses, this is a time and place that will allow you to set up your antenna in real-world tactical conditions.  Test your gear.  Test your logistics.  Send your on-the-ground images and video to WRSA@Hushmail.com or send them to me, and I'll make sure CA receives them.

Challenge your preconceptions.  

Remember you are representing the III.

Most important - remember every single moment - this is a live event.  This is not training.  People may bleed.  This may evaporate into nothingness, or it may become an asterisk, or it may become a chapter in future history books.

...and, someone send me that damned sign!



  1. "Stewie Rhodes is parachuting in, and you know he has an agenda that may or may not align with the best interests of the Bundy's or Liberty."

    The tingling hairs of my scrotum and tea leaves say otherwise.
    Stewie and the ok website has picked up the pace and is now soliciting donations for food and water.
    The pitch attempts to potray a lack of any logistical coordination existing on site, for provisions of any kind, by local protestors supporting the Bundy Family with protests.
    The minimum monetary donation accepted is $5 and the maximum $500, either as a "food and water donation," or a "general oath keepers donation amount."
    Again, my tingling tea leaves thinks not.

    1. You think Stewie is simply capitalizing on the event as a fundraiser?


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