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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Training: tick-tock...

Have you been putting off training with Sparks, J.C., Max, DTG, Mosby, or others?

Are you thinking about attending Brock's PatConLobsterfest for Comms?

I'll be training at Brock's - after that you'll have to come to Idaho to find me.  (BTW - only one week left to get your registration in to Brock, here.)

Why mention training?

You have noticed Ukraine, yes?

And Senkaku?

And North Korea?



The stock markets are in turmoil?

New York faces an April 15 2A challenge?

Just how much time do you really think remains to get the training you need?

The North American Liberty Games have begun. 

Sooner rather than later the pace of events will make training impossible.

CA has a good reminder, here.


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