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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bundy: Overwatch

Just two of the reasons the Feds backed down. 
My thanks to Alan Mullenax for the heads-up for this picture. 
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There will be much in the way of AARs I am certain.  I will not dwell much on the minutia.  There is too much happening, and much more that will happen. 

I will say this: The Bundy Affair struck the Patriot Community because we have seen this before.  A group of Americans was being bullied by FedGov.  Regardless of the details, the broad brush sketch explains to us that even if the Bundy family is in the wrong by allowing their cattle to graze (which I hold they are NOT wrong, but that isn't the point) - nothing they were doing raised to the level of being murdered by our Federal Government.  And we Patriots have seen this before.  We saw this shaping up to end with the murder of the Bundy's.  This time, Patriots were ready, and they acted.

Is it over for the Bundy's?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  FedGov may simply be allowing gathered Patriots time to decompress and go home.  They may even decide to go hard in coming hours, but I doubt it.  If FedGov keeps a hard-on for the Bundy's I expect they will come back in weeks or months, when the community is otherwise focused.

But "this" is much, much more than the Bundy's.  This is the first time that Patriots rallied to the shoulders of those in peril by the people in our Government.  The war is begun.  There will be more events that earn our attention, and will earn our presence.  This is a goodness thing.

"We were only following orders..."  It should be crystal clear to all that the vast majority of .gov employees will do as they are told by their superiors.  You saw how they were willing to arrest people, set dogs upon unarmed people, use Tasers upon people.  You saw that being a pregnant woman is insufficient to stay the violent hand of Evil .gov employees.  The only reason the Bad People pulled back is because they were ordered to do so.  No BLM agent on the ground had the authority or gave the order to stand down.  It was in Washington that decision was taken and the order given.  Had the order been to open fire, I have zero doubt those agents on the ground would have fired.  And worse, local LEO would have sided with them.  As we see from the picture atop this post - that would have been a poor choice.

Sadly, some people are already attacking one another in the Liberty Movement.  "Why didn't you blog more about this?" was a charge leveled at one of our most hardcore Patriots.  "You should have gone to Nevada!" some have charged.  This sort of blue on blue is unacceptable.  I believe some of it is the work of trolls.  Some is motivated by a guilty conscience.  And some is genuine - it is to the genuine I admonish: Back the truck up.  Do not try to measure a man's commitment against some arbitrary yardstick.  Those of you who simply supported the Bundy Affair with prayers are just as valuable to the Liberty Movement as those who put their boots on Nevada soil.  Give genuine Patriots enough room to support the cause in their chosen manner.

Next time: I advocated the One Week plan.  The premise is simple - when SHTF every Patriot should go into his AO and occupy relevant Regime assets.  For instance, you could support the Patriots in Nevada by keeping the BLM assets in YOUR AO occupied.  Remember that BLM called in "Emergency Personnel" from surrounding states and as far away as Washington State.  Next time, if you live in Washington State, give your local BLM detachment something to occupy their time.  Make sure that when the request for additional manpower crosses the wire that the BLM in your AO must respond "We're too busy, Nevada - can't send anyone."

I promise you this - wherever the "Hotspot" may be, you can affect the Regime's ability to react from wherever you may live.  You can tie up assets in your AO so those assets can not be used at the Hotspot.  This is imperative to defeating tyranny.  That is the One Week plan.  (No, I do NOT think we should have all gone hot in our respective AOs over the Bundy Affair.  It was being handled by those on the ground, by those online who drew attention to what was happening, by those of you who manned the telephones and sent emails and otherwise supported our Patriots.  Had shooting begun, that would have changed the paradigm and I would have counseled that we move.  All of us.  But as it was, the time was not right.)

The Bundy Affair was a decisive victory for Liberty.  There is no other way to interpret what happened.  The Regime backed down in a manner that has not happened in my lifetime.  FedGov even gave the cattle back to the man.  That is Victory.  But as I cautioned below, this victory is merely one of many we will have to win before tyranny dies.  Our enemies now understand that we do, indeed, have teeth and we are not afraid to bite.  There will be another Bundy Affair.  There will be many.  Somewhere, sometime.  And I promise you the organizers of the coming events will have a protocol to handle "The Patriot Factor".  Count on it.  By the way, if you were not already on a bad list, you are now.  The Left is ramping up and you and I have been labeled Domestic Terrorists, here.  (Be sure to read the comments to understand how this war will be waged.)

Let's keep an eye on the Bundy's, especially over the next week to ensure FedGov behaves.  But now let us pivot back to other matters relevant to Liberty.

Good job to you all.




  1. While everyone is all gushy about events in Nevada, I would submit that the first real Patriot stand occurred with the Vets in DC last fall. They liberated ground, stared down armed men, and broke a few laws doing it. The term barrycade will forever be synonymous with resistance.

    We're making history at this very moment. It is being recorded in thousands of places and from many, many points of view. There is no way any one individual will be able to physically participate in all the events that have happened or will happen in the future.
    All that's important is that everyone does what's necessary when it's their turn.

  2. "This sort of blue on blue is unacceptable.

    Exactly right. These 'circular firing squads' do nothing but the work of OPFOR.

  3. Well stated lesson in diversionary tactics in local A.O.'s. In addition, your assessment of Fed.gov conducting more "probes" to assess the QRF of FUSA-PAT's will certainly be in the future offing. This IMHO, is where vigilance is of the utmost importance, and intel gathering, or perhaps more aptly, counter-intel gathering would be crucial to FUSA-PAT's on the ground. Indeed the fires are being stoked, but diligent focus, restraint when and where require, followed by swift decisive action when required should be the order of the day. There may be many of these brush fires ignited all over the country before it all goes full on HOT. Just an out of the box observation.

  4. Well said. This is essentially the same thing I stated to Xenolith - we all have our place / duty. While gun fighters will be of great value, they are ineffective without a chain of logistics. Food, gear, comms, intelligence, aid and comfort are some of the vital services the Patriot will rely on. We CAN NOT do this alone.
    Criticizing each other over gear, who's blog you follow, or how far you drove to prove you are a bigger Patriot than someone else is counter productive. It is tantamount to shaking your dick at the other guy - KNOCK IT THE F" OFF! This is not a time for egos to cloud judgement, nor it time to strut and preen. This is not over by a long shot.

    Mark 3:25, "A house divided against itself cannot stand"

    For the people that had boots on the ground - God bless you. For the people that made it possible for you to be there, Thank you, as well.

    Be safe.

    Whitehall, NY


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