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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ukraine Special Forces get Spanked

Ukraine politicians are stupid.  Their "Special Forces" troops are not any brighter.  They sent their "Special Forces" against the "Russian Militia" who had seized government buildings.  Ukraine lost one and another five were wounded.

Why is this stupid?

Because they already know the protests are the work of Russia.  They already have announced that Russian Special Forces are among the "Militia".  And they sent their best against the Russians in what was to be a dynamic, spectacular recovery of their property.

And they were not only handily beaten, but they also gave Vlad the violence he wanted to justify sending armor and regular troops into Ukraine.

If you know you are going up against Spetznaz, I would suggest you use tactics that were not taught to you by those same Spetznaz troops.


Here's the report.  Thanks to WiscoDave for the link.


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