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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bundy Ranch Video

There is much to learn from this single video.

Thanks to Alan Mullenax for the link.

Watch it, here.



  1. Oathkeepers have begun to officially co–opt protests.
    Without question, this will ensure those on site(Bundy Ranch)
    and not affiliated with ok will be rendered impotent and defenseless.
    Moreover, I'm sure ok will drown everyone within earshot of the no
    "Fort Sumter" meme.

  2. Not surprisingly, ok's rallying call is nowhere to be found on their
    Without question, it seems they are rallying forces via "mouthpiece."
    Regardless, that has not stopped them from dictating standards of conduct and dress, to Nevadians already on site and those who may arrive from out of state.

    1. "Without question, it seems they are rallying forces via 'mouthpiece.'"

      Without question. Probably the nature of a media group. I thought we were a little past how a guy can dress and how he protects himself. I don't mind Bundy doing that if that's what he chooses, but I can't quite get their angle. No other land out there? Seems to me they could shout from their computers.

      I think the principles may fall through on this anyway. But I know this---I'm not living through another Waco and doing nothing.

  3. So much to learn is no joke.
    stand together or get taken down by your self.
    taser reloading ability. I never seen that before. good to see used and ideas of how to defend against.
    defend your self, don't be intimidated by a little puppy. fight back. keep in mind I love my German Shepherd and my 150 pound Great Dane, but if it came to blows those dogs would die.
    Interesting to see Goon with rifle waiting and watching behind the dump truck.
    surprised that it did not get to worse blows than it did.
    surprised they didn't arrest anyone.
    Thanks Kerodin



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