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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Militia arriving in Nevada

I've had several emails from Patriots either heading that way, or considering the trek.

I will offer my counsel here, as I offered it privately.

If you decide to go:  Is this fight, on this ground, on this day, going to improve the odds of survival for you and/or your loved ones?

I ask if Patriots who live in that area are on the ground - and we now have confirmation that, at least, a few are choosing to show up.  This is a goodness thing.

Finally: What is your endgame?  Why are you going?  I have seen nothing that indicates .Gov intends to arrest Bundy and family.  Is your goal simply to ensure they do not get arrested (right now)?  Is it your goal to stop .Gov from stealing more cattle?  Is it your goal to recover the cattle stolen thus far and return them to the Bundy family?  Is it your goal to reprimand the Enemies of Liberty on the ground in this action for their bad behavior?  Is it your goal to simply challenge some Enemies of Liberty?  (You can do that at home, right now, without the drive...)

If you choose to go, have a goal, and have an exit strategy.

Know why you are going and make sure it is sufficient reason to leave your wife and children without your protection.

And if you choose to go, or choose not to go, either way: Godspeed.  You will not hear me passing judgment on either course.

Stay safe.

Here's the piece about militia arriving on the ground.



  1. From what I'm gathering, Militia Units are doing their homework before jumping in prematurely. Individuals are however making their own decisions.

    Learn from this, if you plan on confronting the Federales, and expect the Militia to back you up, you have better made some arrangements ahead of time.

  2. It is never going to be more clear who the enemies of liberty are than when you see them standing in uniform, guarding entrance gates as they make frightened phone calls for back up; when they stand in front of you with a leashed german shephard in one hand and a taser in the other. The government tit suckers like to melt away into the populace and hide, but there's no mistaking them when they are right in front of you, in uniform.

  3. You know that is a tough question, I have the van packed and have killed a couple of e-mails to you and Kenny. I have the same question, what is the end game? Prevent another Wacko/Ruby Ridge? I haven't seen anyone packing anything but cell phones so far. A couple of scuffles but no real damage. The sad thing that brings tears to my eyes is the unbelievable force that was brought by .gov. That is the only reason I would go but it could be a one way trip. I'm still thinking it over now but as soon as one shot if fired, the gas hog is hauling ass, it will take me 9 hour to get there but if I can help in any way I will.
    It's a tough call, is it now time to stand up or will MAM convince the sheep that there's gets a bunch of racist rednecks stirring up the pot? That is the problem, now or wait. Kept me up most of the night thinking about it especially as I have a boat stationed outside of Kali as a bail out boat. This Blm shit has been going on for a long time in Nevada and I have been involved before but this may require armed folks or may not. Just don't know at this point.

    1. That is the most important consideration - what outcome is the target?

      I haven't seen anyone asking or answering that question, from Rhodes to the Bundy's. My gut tells me the 19th is relevant - but there are so many variables in play it is impossible to divine even the Feds endgame. Do they just want the cattle? Do they intend to arrest Cliven or his family on or near the 19th to make him pay for the round-up and ignoring a Federal order? Do they intend to walk away after taking his herd (thus his livelihood)?

      I think you'd be wise to let things gel a bit more. With Rhodes and other players now in the mix, they may have an agenda that you don't agree with and they may take decisions that put you hip-deep in a situation you don't like and can't escape.

      Patience is important in this one.

  4. Hate hiding behind screen names but can't figure out how to edit
    Previous was by,

    Lynn A. Stokes
    Eastern Pacific Yacht Delivery Service
    Morro Bay, California

    There you go NSA, in full view, knock twice please and leave mu Great Danes alone, they're just putty cats

  5. my name is monty long of Gillette wy im sure the nsa knows me after a few of my last phone calls.i pray for this family and that there is a peaceful end to this and soon,i fully support the rancher and I can not believe how the gov is handeling this and treating the protesters and supporters,really (snipers) are they really needed mr Obama,we are the people of this country that you are pushing into a corner how can you not expect us to fight back by any and all means,mr prez do you really think that a working man like me that has a child at home really wants blood shed,FUCK NO I say respectfully.please stop this shit now.how can you not expect WE THE PEOPLE to not stand by this rancher when you unleash military power on him.is he really that big of a threat to you and all your elite powerful people in dc,yes he is because its bringing to light what your true plans are and the respect you have for us.

  6. I've given this long and thoughtful consideration and I think for right now I'm going to take the counsel of a Lady I greatly admire and respect, Ann Barnhardt. I'm going to sit back and watch the situation develop and get some facts first.
    If it warrants me going I will go.

    1. from: longnightrider, hat tip, and yes, AB is right, we will not need a BLOG to tell the time.....

  7. All the best to the Bundy family and the courageous Americans who are standing up for them. Your actions are an inspiration to all who love LIBERTY . What a great country !


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