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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Timing - things to make you go hmmmmm

**UPDATE**  Angel has a suggestion for Patriots on the ground in Nevada.  Go to that fenced "First Amendment Area" and do what was done in DC (and elsewhere) when .Gov installed barry-cades: Relocate that bitch.  Someone take the sign and put it back in one of those .gov vehicles.  Or just burn the sign where it sits.  Send me a pic of you doing it and it will live forever on my sidebar.

Here's Angels suggestion.


Just spitballin'...

We are nine days out from April 19.

This date has significance for Patriots.

.Gov seems to schedule Liberty-crushing events to fall on or near this date.

Use this information as you will...



  1. I just mentioned the proximity to the 19th to my wife last night. Very interesting to say the least.


  2. If it happens on the 19th, well, to paraphrase a famous patriot,
    "What a glorious day!"

  3. Please make the knife in the Declaration picture into a poster. I would love to buy one!!
    What is happening in Nevada makes me sick to my stomach. We are on the Pathway to Hell! Unless we win for this rancher, we will all be living Agenda 21. -Stealth Spaniel

    1. IIIGear.com has them in bumper sticker format, and Zoomie's Zazzle page has them in many formats, here: http://www.zazzle.com/walterzoomie

  4. With all the attention on the rancher those BLM guys who are illegally surrounding his property are not anonymous. Who are they, where do THEY live, maybe their properties should be visited and given some free speech attention.


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