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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bundy Response

For everyone who cut and run - thank you.

You have revealed who you are...

...we will remember.



  1. Viewing his original statement, it is quite clear what he meant even though it could have been said better. A non-issue as far as I'm concerned and has nothing to do with the price of eggs in China anyway.

  2. Kerodin,


    I think Mr. Bundy was asking a "rhetorical question" from a different viewpoint, or different context and it did not come out right. I have done the same thing, in fact I think most people have too at some point or another.
    I agree somewhat with what Mr. Bundy said from the standpoint of how some Americans have chosen to give up their rights and freedoms for money, housing, food and security and that in fact becomes a form of slavery because then that American has to "abide by the special rules and dictates" in order to receive handouts from that organization or individual and therefore that individual becomes a slave.

    On the part about "teaching them to pick cotton" I take that as federal and state "job training programs" which in most cases are completely worthless and I throw in most college degree's too.

    I think that's the line of rhetorical thinking that Mr. Bundy was trying to approach with on that interview and I agree with him. Most Americans by now are slaves to free handouts, free lunches, free education and now free medical. In doing so, they have lost their "Constitutional Rights" and have become indentured servants and slaves to the system.
    Also, If you are wealthy or poor and you pay property taxes, you are a "share cropper" (a form of slavery) giving up some of your profit to the land owner which is the state, local or federal authorities.
    Mr. Bundy is no longer willing to be a "share cropper" of sorts and refuses to pay his 1.1 million dollar debt (I bet that thought was in his head when he made those statements in the first place)

    We have all become slaves to some form of Government somehow in one form or another and it will only get worse. True freedom and independence has been lost in this country for generations and we will never get it back.

    Kerodin, sorry for the long comment. I wanted to be clear and not have my words and support for Mr. Bundy misinterpreted as being racist.

    1. C.C. Your reply makes all the sense in the world. Thank you.

  3. Heh. There's a reason I aspire to be a Hermit.
    Miss Violet

  4. Mr. Bundy should have kept his mouth shut.

    1. Yeah, it was a rookie mistake by a guy who has never had national media listening to him. For anyone who may find himself in similar circumstances, stick to whatever issue that brought the spotlight in the first place. Don't let anyone lure you out of that safe zone into the weeds, where they will twist your words and fuck you - even if they have to lie.

      Been there.

  5. When it comes down to it even if he was being racist which he wasn't it does not affect the situation with the blm. Racists have the same rights as everybody else

  6. Well, next comes the "meth lab" card.....

  7. Ya, Bundy should have stayed on script. But what I heard was an old man 1) confirming family values help society, 2) a strong work ethic helps society, and 3) many blacks choose to harm their situation with govt dependence.

    This story did nothing to change my opinions re: NV. It did remind me of how Janet Reno waited two days AFTER the failed Waco raid to cling to child-abuse as an excuse to murder 76.

  8. A wise man once told me "Defend freedom not man, man will let you down everytime." He said what he meant & now trying to save face. It is ashame that America has him as the new face of patriotism and everything that comes with it, cliché or not.

    1. I see nothing wrong with what he said/meant. He just didn't express himself well. See comment by captaincrunch above.

  9. @Brock Townsend , I think otherwise. Saying slaves had any sense of family life is ignorant at best. I'm not here to debate, just give my opinion. He, like it or not, is the new face for a "movement". He just alienated every man who is not white who was starting to think "Mmmm, everybody in this isn't racist. I could back these guys." I defend freedom, man will let me down every time.

    1. Another brave Anonymous:

      Saying slaves had any sense of family life is ignorant at best.

      If you are stating that applied to all, then you are the one who is ignorant


      He just alienated every man who is not white

      No, he didn't. Cases in point:




  10. I still can't believe there's some "issue" here, and that anyone cares about what someone else SAID. No wonder I feel like a dead man.

    This ain't rocket science. "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others." So has one person stood forth and claimed Bundy has obstructed his willful action? Just one? From anywhere?

    End of story. Either you defend Rightful Liberty or you don't. I find the whole thing amazing. Talk about letting the other guy set the field.


    1. And there it is - the lens through every Patriot should assess every action he takes, and every judgment.

      Is what YOU are doing helpful to the Commander's Intent of Rightful Liberty? And when you judge someone else - are their actions facilitating Rightful Liberty, or not?

      Everything else is noise.


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