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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Call to a Patriot who wants to make a difference

It has been suggested in several places that the Liberty Movement should create a central repository of images, names, et cetera of Enemies of Liberty, particularly LEO.

Running a blog on BlogSpot or Wordpress is a simple matter.  If you are a Patriot who has been looking for a way to add your efforts to the cause of Liberty short of stepping off the porch, consider undertaking the task.  Build a simple blog and put up pictures sent from around the country of those who show up on the wrong side of Liberty.  Begin perhaps with those at Bunkerville.  Then add those who kill dogs and innocent people from behind a badge.

Build a database for your Countrymen.

Get faces online with names, badge numbers, car plates, and anything else that can be discovered online.  Every Patriot with a keyboard can help you find information.

Here's an example from NY.



  1. " Build a simple blog and put up pictures sent from around the country of those who show up on the wrong side of Liberty. "

    Sounds like a good idea. How would one publicize such a blog, so as to efficiently gather data? Should the geographic scope be limited - say, to one's own city/county/state/region, or should it be national? (If the latter, someone like Will Grigg should be encouraged to take it on, if only as an already established relevant clearinghouse site.)

  2. Ideally it would be national in scope - set up so people can search for their own AO.

    As to popularity - I'm pretty sure you'd get plenty of link-love from places like Will, WRSA, Wirecutter, TL, etc.

    Speaking for myself, and possibly the likes of Will Grigg - doing what we do is already time-consuming as hell. Such a project would be nearly a full-time blog on its own.

  3. I nominate the cheese head. wiscodave!

  4. For those into the quad world, start developing applications for these devices. Some are agile as heck, some are great for high altitude for surveying the land.. Great way to see what’s ahead (opfor) if you have a camera attached with a FPV set up so you can see where you are going.

    - Knob

  5. Past your bedtime, Nic.

  6. The URL "coronersreport.com" seems to be available ...



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