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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


WiscoDave sends a link to ZH - US troops are heading to Europe for a boots-on-the-ground presence in response to Ukraine.

There is only one realistic assessment of what this administration seeks in return for their foreign policy moves.  When viewed back to the opening days of Obama '08 and the World Apology Tour, combined with reasserting our mutual defense agreement with Japan over the Senkaku, to the appeasement and facilitation across the Muslim world, to the repeated and deliberate escalations over Ukraine, it is simple, it is unavoidable: World War III.

So, the question begs, why would a man and those who are allied with him, seek something so horrible as a World War?

The answer is biblical, simply look to the seven sins and settle on Greed: The wealth of the entire world has been plundered and stolen.  Those who have been robbed are waking up to it, and when they get a proper head of steam they will rise up and slaughter those who stole from them.  The only way out of that uncomfortable pinch for the robbers is to plunge the world into an existential distraction: World War.

And make no mistake - there will be new fortunes that rise in war.  As they always do.

Simple American Civil War is not enough to mask and protect the thieves in our own midst.  Our Masters want turmoil in America not simply for the diversion from their theft, but also to slip the garrote into final place and impose the same tyranny as is known in every single other nation on the planet.  There is no place in the world, no country, in which the average citizen recognizes Rightful Liberty, or even a pale reflection.  Those who mean to rule in America - not govern, but rule - mean to fundamentally transform us.

And the war is begun.

In the immediate aftermath, they mean to have three world powers, centered in China, Russia and America.  They mean all three to be Tyrant Red.

Here's the ZH piece.

If you are not engaging your world every single day from a war-footing, you are dreadfully wrong.

You have already been marked for death.  Your executioner has probably already been assigned, in some division of some agency in some Cabinet Department.  It may even be calendared...



  1. The problem with that whole idea IS; We the good ol' USA- HAVE NO ARMY. If ALL of NATO got together as one fighting force , we would have a force smaller and weaker than the one we sent to Korea in 1950 -51 . The "heavy divisions," the MBT's , the Air force , the Navy, the Corp, ALL downsized into impotence., defunded, and sent to the DRMO or depot storage. We won't fight WW III , because we CAN'T . "Americas superpower military" is G-O-N-E, to 25 years of "budget cutting" four non war-wars and endless training on worn out thirty year old equipment ,and if we tried to rearm starting TODAY it would take two years just to break those thirty year old M-1 MBT,s out of storage and get them ready to fight "Boots on the ground in Europe" is a bluff and the Russians(and everyone else in the world) knows it. Even IF "the stupid" took over DC and they tried to fight, the Russians would over run the Light Infantry within hours,(ALL heavy divisions in Europe have been disbanded) and The US no longer has the men, tanks, guns, aircraft or ships, to relive or reinforce them. Obamas ONLY option would be the Nukes. In that case it won't matter who "wins".---Ray

  2. The point of WWIII is not for the US to "win" against Russia or China - it is to create the fog of war, in which the thieves can find refuge for their behavior while those who had their pensions stolen die and become otherwise distracted.

    Because of Nukes, the US will never have to face real war in the WWII model. The next "Real" war will be nuclear, probably with a First Strike from Russia following some "nuclear terror" that can't immediately be assigned to a bad guy, happening in any US city. Russia has always believed that nuclear war is winnable, so long as they strike first...

    1. That may be the point in the fumble factory ,over in Foggy Bottom or at CIA and the Fed. That MIGHT even be the point in China. But Putin is a Czar and he means to rebuild the Empire. The Russians DO think in terms of the "Great Patriotic War"(WWII) and don't give a tinkers damn what the World Bank the Rothchilds (spell?) or anyone outside Russia thinks about anything. The concept of a "limited Nuke strike" for the political gain of people outside Russia is highly unlikely. Russia wants what it has always wanted--- Europe ---Ray

  3. Anonymous, my guess is that in no time at all, the US will have by far the largest fighting force on Earth, one which could easily take care of any possible invaders, at least of the non-radioactive kind. My further guess is that it'll be widely known as "FREEFOR."

    Not only that, but it'll be pretty tough for any numbskulls to argue against it on the basis of national defense. Win, Win and WIN!!!

    Alright, alright...I'm an idealist. I'll be happy dying that way.


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