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Thursday, April 24, 2014

FM FY: Tase Me, Tase You

You do know you can buy Tasers too, yes?

And they work both ways, while demonstrating proportional response.

Just consider the impact of THAT video...

I'd suggest all frontline Patriots have at least one, maybe one for each hand.  Second rank Patriots can ensure if Enemies of Liberty decide to escalate, they can be scolded properly.

Just sayin'.



  1. Fucking genius right there!

    The little piggies can't reasonably claim 'they were in fear for their lives' and ratchet up their response to lethal (obviously, they would any damn way).

    And of course, one would catch a case if one made porky ride the lightening, but...it would be sooooo worth every bit of it.

    Maybe. :D

  2. A couple things to keep in mind:
    1. I don't think tazers work if you hit the vest, aim somewhere else
    2. If someone else is hit, and you grab both wires to remove them, you just completed the circuit my friend. Those things are barbed and better to cut the wires anyway.
    3. LE uses their feet like a boxer, don't let your group be out-maneuvered

    1. Correct - and there is clothing out there that is counter-Taser. It has a metal-foil lining that shorts the probes when they hit it. It has been shown to be moderately effective - better than nothing, but not 100%. Thick soft-armor is usually a defense.

      If Patriots are facing Taser-armed LEO, every 3rd or 4th Patriot should have a wood broomstick or similar to dislodge any wires/probes that hit an ally. Or a standard police baton will do the trick and be more wieldy. Wood will not conduct the charge to you.

      Carry reloads. Do not hesitate to meet any force with equal force. If anyone has a problem with disproportionate response - fair enough. But Tasing a Taser seems quite fair to me. ;)

  3. Another note: Tasers are not reliable dog defense - especially an animal that has been trained to attack.

    Pepper, however, works well. Pepper is cheap and should have a place on your Protest Belt next to you Taser. A couple cylinders with locking triggers will do wonders for breaking OpFor morale. One can train a tolerance to CS (to a degree), but few can build any useful tolerance to OC...

  4. I'm not sure that tazing a LEO is a good idea under any circumstance. There's a lot of trigger happy cops that would take that as an invitation to go weapons-free and earn themselves a couple months paid leave while your next of kin bury you. In my mind, resisting a cop is a binary state: Either you're taking the tazing as a nonviolent protest, or you're putting them in the dirt as active resistance. Not a lot of room in between, imo.

  5. Things I Have heard:
    I thought his cell phone was a weapon.
    I thought I was grabbing my Taser (remember the subway shooting)
    I shot him because I was loosing consciousness and that would have allowed him to take my gun.

    Not a course I would choose for myself.

  6. Got MRSD a handheld, the Small Fry- 100,000v about the size of a pack of lucky strikes, only effective if they are trying to put hands on though, wasp & hornet spray is a cheap and effective alternative to pepper spray-30’ range on most cans, effective against most pests. On a’ level' playing field, and using their rule book, overwhelming deadly force is the only viable option if you want to see your loved ones again, still no guarantee in that, Oath Breakers will be just that, defenders of their pensions, murderers on paid leave, brutes, thugs, theives and mercenaries. Treat them as such.
    Rd III


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