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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pro-Maidan? Just a reminder...

I do not care whose flag flies over any part of Ukraine.

David at NCRenegade has linked a piece with a snippet in it that caught my attention as being a relevant reminder for those Americans who mean to separate from tyrants, extra-constitutional .gov, the Constitution, et cetera.  It also applies to all Patriots who wish simply to separate from the parasites who claim a moral Right to the fruits of our labors.

Here's the snippet:  On the outskirts of Kiev, [Ukrainian] men lay on the ground, rifles at the ready. For the moment, they’re firing at cardboard, but soon the targets could include Russian soldiers or eastern Ukrainian separatists.

They intend to shoot fellow Ukrainians who wish to walk away and stand at peace with Russia.

Walking away does no injury to these Ukrainians who intend to shoot them.  The men who will shoot them simply take the position that they have the moral Right to stop other men from leaving peacefully.

We Americans have already had a war with such men.  They won.  Liberty lost.  Such men have already made it known in Maryland and elsewhere today they will not permit other men to walk away and form their own State.  These men will be no more disposed to permit Liberty to return, even if secession is not their goal.

They mean to be Masters.  They may not call themselves Masters, but their actions are no different if they dare inform you how you must live.

Walking away is not going to happen peacefully, whether you are American or Ukrainian.

Just remember that, and remind yourself that you have already asked politely.  Now all that remains is to walk away.  And should they put their hands upon you, treat them as Tyrants...

Both sides have been sufficiently warned of the others intent.

Here's David's piece.



  1. Whether we call it a group consciousness, zeitgist or God's lessons, the question that people are being led to consider right now is how to determine who is the enemy. And the actions to be taken against the enemy based on their complicity.

    Hammer and tag as outlined in Book 8 of 299 days is one example. Our actions must be tempered with Sacred hone and we must choose leaders who are moral and just. Pray for guidance as we are about to enter the fray that we will someday hear "Arise, good and faithful servant".

    1. "Pray for guidance as we are about to enter the fray that we will someday hear "Arise, good and faithful servant"." and without said "Guidance", we have no hope of either finding "moral and just leaders" nor of surviving to rebuild what they might lead...

      May God purify our intent and motivation for the coming fray.

      PP III to III

  2. " Due to a lack of sandbags, they kick and punch logs."

    You have to admit, whether you think them misguided in their politics or not, they're tough.
    Miss Violet

    1. With the blogosphere as my witness, I do declare I will punch and kick each and every log that dares to punch or kick me first. ;)

  3. I hope there are no training logs in the studio....;-)
    Miss Violet

  4. I'm sorry, but I think you're not getting clear information from the Ukraine. The people who appear to want to 'peacefully stand with Russia' are agents or those fooled by them who are instigating a false rebellion as a pretext to have Russia invade and annex more of Ukrainian territory. The majority of the people in the Eastern Ukraine (about 75%), do not want to split and join Russia, but rather want a united Ukraine. The question, then, is whether a small armed minority, sponsored by a foreign government which is clearly interested financially and geopolitically, can force the majority to abandon their nation and be annexed by force to Russia. This is like a small group of LA residents, being tormented by a Hispanic street gang, asking Mexico to send in troops and annex California, instead of requesting assistance from the city, county, or State law enforcement. (I speak as a native of Ukraine, transplanted to the US years ago, and have contact with both the expat as well as the local communities therein.) I am in agreement with your mission domestically, and Ukraine is not really a US strategic interest, but wanted to clarify this issue.

    1. I can't speak to the wishes of 75% or the remaining 25% and their desires. You're right, there is no strategic interest for America.

      The relevant piece is as referenced above - Ukrainians mean to shoot fellow Ukrainians who "do" want to stand with Russia. I do get your point - I'm not impressed with letting Leftists have New York. But I have a general "Shooting Leftists is doing the work of Evolution" perspective. ;)

    2. Yes, Anon, do you have appropriate information concerning your statements?

      To paraphrase: I came into this life screaming and bloody and have no problem going out the same way.

  5. Anon 2:54 is there any clear info available?? It's all just conjecture! We come into this life alone, we exit alone.What matters is how we live between the lines.

    The reality of history relieves a lot of the guilt of what needs to be done when tyrant's get out of line.

  6. "The reality of history relieves a lot of the guilt of what needs to be done when tyrant's get out of line."

    Well put. I'm not even slightly persuaded that there's any more to it.

    Get this. They're Pragmatists. They may not be happy the their mission failed, but all they've gotta do from their POV, is come up with a different mission. When the ultimate goal is to "overpower" plain and simple, the playbook isn't all that complex. Defending against it, is.


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