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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gary Hunt: The Bundy Affair – Oath Keepers vs. Militia – Part II

**Updated links below**

The above picture should tell you everything you need to know about OathKeepers and Bundy.

What is happening on the ground out there is one of the most embarrassing turns for the Liberty Movement I have witnessed.  There are particular people at the center of yet another Patriot SNAFU that results in unwinding the good work done by real Patriots.  Whether one chalks it up to simple dick-measuring and bow-to-me-I'm-the-one-true-God syndrome or professional provocateurism - or a combination of both - the end result for the Patriot community is the same: It's fuct.

I won't mention the familiar presence of particular players at the scene of many Patriot embarrassments.  OK, I mentioned it.  I won't mention the consistent Cluster Foxtrots that ensue when certain people in the "Patriot Community" parachute in.  Whoops, did it again.  I won't dare mention the knee-capping of Patriot efforts that surface time and time again when certain players arrive on-scene.  Dammit - did it again.  My bad.

But don't worry if you love the drama.  The old-guard of Patriot-buggers will not be the end.  There is already a new class of young Patriot-buggers at work.  You know, the kind of Fucks that lie to your face then try to undermine you with your allies by posting blatant lies, by undertaking campaigns to malign people on several social media venues, the sort of cocksuckers who create bogus screen names to attack you because they are too cowardly to use their known names - you know, garbage like that.  You know the kind of guy I'm talking about - when they talk all you can see is a big, plump, juicy va-jay-jay on their face.  No worries, they'll always be part of the Patriot Community so the drama fiends get their fix and a good smear and knee-capping is never more than a post away when needed by the Enemies of Liberty.  Some of that will be sorted out very, very soon.  Anyway...

Gary Hunt has done serious and hard work with embedded sources on the ground at Bunkerville to connect dots and try to get to the truth of what is happening out there in the name of Patriots.  We still do not know where this will all end, who will reveal themselves as dinks, and who means well but may not be up to speed yet.  But because of the work being done by Gary and others, we are getting what we need most: Intel.

Here's the link.

Here's CA's post on the topic, including contact information for sending relief supplies.

Other side of the coin: The OathKeeper Perspective, here.



  1. PR Patriots is what they are K.... Only there for the PR and selfie pics. I've learned from you that when a man tells you who he is, believe him. I have no doubt in my mind these cats couldn't get to the camera's fast enough to use their name recognition like they are the swinging dicks of Patriots on the scene. They are not prepared to go hard at all in the terms we think of it. They'd be harder than Japanese Trigonometry when they testified against you in court though... We all know it. Keep up the good work brother. Keep calling them how you see them. I learned the hard way that you have to see people for who they are and not who you want them to be... I appreciate your daily doses of truth and unfiltered opinions on the Commie Sympathizers and the infection they've spread all over to anywhere they can pander another Liberty crushing vote. RESIST is one of my favorite words. Just because people can't see the bars, doesn't mean they aren't already there...

  2. Well that was...awkward. Thanks for the heads up, though I would caution against pre-emptive dick stomping against all of the Oathkeepers until the issue has been brought to light. I know several that were unaware of these happenings on the ground there, but will be made aware shortly. I can only hope the organization will respond accordingly and part of it can be saved. The name recognition and credibility amongst the general populace (read: credibility until now) are an asset. Let's be real, neither will happen, but one can always be optimistic. I'm all for being in the next county when Mr. Hellfire pays a visit, but it should have been a joint effort going through the appropriate command structure. You don't shit on everyone and leave, we aren't the Taliban. God damn this stuff is irritating sometimes...

  3. Running off to play in Vegas? Duh.. Standing in the kill zone, waiting for a Hellfire with just your catcher's mitt? Also Duh...
    Sure would like to see an honest and objective DETAILED report on this situation. That will probably be hard to find.

  4. The cop in the picture is Elkhart County Indiana Sheriff Brad D. Rogers.

    A pretty good man from what I know about him. He kicked the feds out of his county when they came to hassle a dairy farmer who had the nerve to sell raw milk without government inspection.

    He is a rarity. Rogers pretty much talks and walks the Constitution from what I know about him.

  5. Yea---there's a lotta shoulda, coulda, woulda stuff here. Those that had their asses and assets at the Bundy ranch are to be commended for what they did and are doing.

    People better start building groups and coalitions vs getting into pissing contests. If somebody doesn't like K or M, then just stay away from them. REMEMBER---we had better hang together or the Bammer from Kenya will hang us seperatly.

    To the Militia, OK, Bundys, interested Americans--use the Bundy experience to improve yourselves and network with like minded people--doesn't mean you will love everybody or that they or you will make the perfect decisions--it does mean you love your nation and heritage and are putting your minor differences aside to protect your countrymen and save your nation.

  6. I have had a hell of a time sorting this shit out and I think that's intentional from the fuckers who want us to fail due to infiltrators. I have been watching for a while and my turning point was the fukin stupid hat. The I'm smuggling shit everywhere was also a flag and the I'm a former commie was an eye opener too. But that stupid hat did it

  7. Just one question. Is that a skinning knife he has attached to his belt buckle?

    1. Noticed that, too. He's on the edge of a gunfight, armed with nothing more that I can see...

  8. Dead man still standing......

  9. I'm still confused on this issue, but a shame internal politics and alternative intentions came up at the Bundy Ranch. Thanks for the link to the video at Register Rockies - nice to see the group move through this problem and move on.

  10. Thanks, Sam. I could've went all damned day without seeing that skinny, sucked up piece of shit's picture.

  11. man we need to pull together, this incident blown up by one group
    with the other group trying to hard to defend its self has put us all so far behind

    its apparent the one group did warn everyone, what if the intel had been good?
    either way its dividing us just what the black hats want

    1. For me, pretty much the final word on the matter...


    2. Anonymous,
      You suggest that we are dividing ourselves. Perhaps another way to look at it is that we are separating the wheat from the chaff.
      Should we assume that anyone that calls himself a patriot is, truly, a patriot?
      If you were working for the government, intent on infiltrating the patriot movement, would you tell patriots that you were not a patriot?
      From training, prior to April 12 (the Cattle Unrustling), we have moved, as of that date, to a world where the stakes are now deadly serious. A simple squeeze of the trigger would have made April 12, infamous, and we would probably never know for sure who did the squeezing.
      However, those who stood and risked their lives on the 12th, and, again, on the 25th, are true patriots. We need not question their mettle, though we should still exercise caution until there is no doubt as to their allegiance.
      On the other hand, those who fled the field on the 25th leave little to the imagination. Their concern for their own safety exceeded their sense of responsibility for the given purpose, protection of the Bundys.
      What does "got your six" mean, if not that you will stand your ground?
      So, you see, we are not dividing, we are sorting out Whigs from Tories. And, better now than when it really counts.


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