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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Liberty Leadership

The tragic comedy on stage at Bunkerville between the OathKeepers, Militia and other parties is far more serious than some may understand.  We are no longer in a pre-war environment where clashes between various parties in the Liberty Movement may be noisy and help define people, but generally have no downside.  We are now at a point in time that lives are at stake.  Every decision taken by "Leaders" now has the very real potential to end in injury or dead Patriots.

More than a few people at Bunkerville have revealed to the world they are not up to the task of being true Leaders of Men in dangerous circumstances.  If you are one of those men who was looking to those people for leadership, you'd better understand quickly that while some may be good organizers, and some may be good PR guys, leading men into a fight or navigating dangerous waters where men may begin to pull triggers is not in the mental, emotional or intellectual make-up of those now bickering.

This is one case in which our modern paradigm is different from that faced by our Founders.  George Washington was installed as Leader by a body of men who had legitimacy.  That authority gave George Washington power that no man is going to get today in the Liberty Movement.  Today every Minuteman will serve and follow only the man or men he chooses to follow.  No one is going to be anointed General of FreeFor, and certainly not with the mandate to execute men under his command for failure to follow orders.

Leaders in this fight for Liberty will have to earn every single man following him.

This is where our III "Leaderless Resistance" paradigm will excel.  But it will take some time.  Of course the "Leaderless Resistance" paradigm is not "Leaderless."  Instead, we have many, many leaders spread out across the republic.  Most of these Leaders are followed by men who have chosen to follow.  Small Tribes, or Cells, or Teams, usually comprised of men and women who know one another from their daily lives.  In many cases, these small groups of people have known one another for many years.  They have their trust dynamics and leadership dynamics all worked out among themselves.

As we just witnessed at Bunkerville, the problems will occur when these Teams/Cells/Tribes meet at a hotspot.  As is Human nature there will always be those who mean to lead.  But without the mandate George Washington had - there will be the banging of heads.  It has been my experience that men and women will willingly follow someone who demonstrates traits conducive to the goal - and they will resist an unknown who steps in and declares himself in charge. 

If you are a III Patriot and you find yourself heading into an AO where different Teams will arrive and will need to work together, I would caution you to avoid falling in line behind anyone who simply declares himself to be in charge.  Watch the various Team Leaders.  Discuss each with your own Team.  Follow the one most deserving, or most likely to get your Team through the danger with the best chances of success.  In a situation where there will likely be unit-on-unit fighting, you'd better believe I'm going to STFU and listen if there is a JC or Max on-site.  If there is a Sparks on the ground, I'm going to do as he says if he needs a Comms task handled.  I know my strengths, and I know when I'd better follow someone who has more knowledge, experience and sense than do I.

By the same token - I am not following ANYONE who makes my nose wrinkle.

What if everyone on-scene is a dink and you don't trust any of them with your life or the lives of your Team?  Then take point by taking the initiative and putting your Team to work on tasks that need to be accomplished.  CA has recommended the "Quiet Professionals" approach, and it is spot-on.  You do you.  And you will soon find that reasonable, level-headed men and women from other Teams will see what you are doing and how you are doing it.  Before long, they will ask you how they can help.

Respect is earned.

That is how Leaders lead.

From the front.

Follow what is going on in the aftermath at Bundy.  Study it - and never behave that way.  What is happening before our eyes is a classic demonstration of what not to do.



  1. well said. The leaders are going to have to prove themselves. I still find most of the so-called experts with some stamp of government approval as suspect and I believe the Bundy incident after reports is showing why. We have a lot of political and ideological brain washing to identify and expel yet. I have been working on just such a post myself tonight.

  2. wont the civil war election of officers and then the gradualtakeover by acknowledge leaders be the way things will go?your friend truckwilkins

  3. Once again, support freedom now men. Men will always let you down.


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