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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bunkerville Questions for .mil guys...

Something I have not yet seen is an analysis of BLM posture/actions from a military perspective.

We've heard talk of BLM snipers on ridgelines, but I have not seen those pictures.  Nor do we have any reports of BLM snipers retreating when Patriots entered the desert.  We don't have any pictures of BLM un-assing their positions in the face of Patriot advances.  The pictures I have seen include primarily the roadside Taser incident and of course the showdown in the wash.  Let's focus on the wash.  What I saw was BLM bunched and taking cover with their vehicles - hardly a prudent tactical position given all the open space, nor was it a position that offered an aggressive posture.  As BLM and Cowboys faced one another we know Patriots had overwatch on the bridges and up the embankments.

As far as I know the Patriots on overwatch were never challenged by any LEO - not on the bridges where they either stopped traffic or had traffic driving by.  No blue & red lights.  No Officer Friendly even shutting down traffic - from what I saw.  There were no attempts to flank the Patriots anywhere, at any time, from the reports I have read.

All taken together I am looking at a tactical disposition from BLM that was deliberately non-confrontational (careful not to let any of their guys wander into Patriot areas of control) and deliberately non-challenging - or strategic/tactical stupidity or ignorance - or fear.

Any of our military guys want to offer their professional opinion about the tactics we saw over the days leading up to the showdown in the wash?  Did you see anything that remotely reflected military maneuvers by BLM to control the ground or even to deny Patriots the ground?



  1. What went wrong? The oathkeepers and Constitutional sheriffs, both of them federal infiltration units who's first act at the Bundy ranch was to try and phony up a "human shield & hostage" crisis. The second thing that went T.U. was the "patcon& cookout" training mentality that pervades the militia. When your only "training" consist of a cookout and fifteen minutes running around the park & parking lot playing army. Then swilling beer and bitching about .Gov. Until we fix the issue of trusting the wrong people because the internet says we should trust them; The stupid dependence on faceless internet "experts". to tell us how to do things and our utterly stupid "take the wife and kids to the confrontation and cookout" attitude, all the "intell" on earth won't help us. Common sense was absent at the Bundy ranch patcon & confrontation and until it returns everything else is a waste of time.---Ray

    1. Ray, you keep chastising PATCONS on my site and I see here, so what have you been doing lately except commenting on various sites. I'd really like to know.

    2. Ray - you're harshing PatCons?

  2. "Did you see anything that remotely reflected military maneuvers by BLM to control the ground or even to deny Patriots the ground?"

    No. BLM didn't have to, because they basically owned all the vital ground around Bundy Ranch. I'd imagine from their perspective it wasn't necessary. My .02 is that BLM's intel supported a rather tactically 'loose' set up, because they didn't believe the probability of going hot to be high enough. So, BLM either chose or was ordered not to prep for a serious mission...they were only saber rattling to see the reaction.... All BLM and supporting units did was set up loose 360 degree security against the slight possibility that some 'militia' type might want to do a close recon or something. Until the BLM received orders to stand down, they basically did what they wanted or were ordered to do. There was no concern, in my opinion, of what the militia or OK's might or might not do.

    Others may see it differently....


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