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Friday, April 18, 2014

How Patriots Win Liberty

When I first began writing online I laid out a strategy for the Liberty Movement to follow that would very quickly and decisively lead to a restoration of Liberty.   The people I anticipated to actually undertake the effort were III Patriots.  That has not changed - I expect any challenge to be undertaken only by III Patriots and any burdens to be shouldered by III Patriots.

My initial plan was relatively well received by the community, though MBV shat all over it.

Last summer I put forth the same general plan, only slightly modified for the circumstances that obtained at the time, and titled it my "One Week Plan".  Again, the plan was well received generally, and this time by a much larger audience.  This plan earned sharp criticism by one amongst us, but I found the objections to be without foundation.  The criticisms were offered without experience or appreciation for strategy and Human nature.

Last weekend when the BLM was backed down by Patriots protecting Cliven Bundy and his family, many of us knew immediately that the paradigm had irreversibly changed.  For the first time armed Americans forced armed .gov to stand down and even to surrender what they had captured.  Many of us are clear: The final fight for Liberty in America is now out of the closet.  It is now hot.  Both sides are committed.

It is time for every Patriot to finalize his plans, decide what strategy he will follow, what tactics he will employ.  CA has posted two strategies in the last week that are functionally identical to my "One Week Plan", and going forward I will refer to my plan by the name it has had since WWII (slightly modified) - Little Groups of Patriots.  LGoP.

I'm not going into a detailed description of the plan - if you've read here for any length of time, you already know it.  Little Groups of Patriots, operating in their own AOs, operating by their own means and tactics, with their own Command & Control, working toward the Commander's Intent.  The Commander's Intent is that ultimate goal, the shared outcome we all seek.

Commander's Intent: The restoration of Rightful Liberty in America.

If we all hold that as our goal, while working in our own Little Groups of Patriots, and if we all go in relative unison when circumstances favor us, Liberty will prevail in short order.

I endorse the Little Groups of Patriots strategy based on personal experience.  Last year I traveled across this country and was gifted to meet many, many LGoPs who welcomed me and my wife, introduced us to their friends and allies, trained with us and in every case, broke bread with us.  I have faith in the LGoP strategy because I have met many III Patriots who will employ the strategy from South Florida to Los Angeles, the Great Lakes to Texas, the hills and valleys of Appalachia, and many places between.  I have seen with my own eyes the mettle of these Patriots, their grit, their devotion to the restoration of Liberty.  I've met others at PatCons and others yet at events.

The circumstances in America favor the LGoP strategy of bold men and women who mean to be free and at Liberty.

Simply: We've got this...

Do not heed those who may lack the courage to take point, who may seek to undermine your confidence.  Liberty is only for the bold. 

In the end remember the quote from a Patriot recently at WRSA [paraphrased]: They can't hit us with pepperspray or put us in prison if we kill them all...



  1. My friend, I call you friend, I simply say; Amen.
    But, I ask a question.

    What is Liberty? I used to define it in our Founding documents... but, even our founders had abused it. As witness I merely point you towards the Whiskey Rebellion.
    The Founders were full of fancy words, but, George Washington, led the assault against the Whiskey Rebels, no?
    Were the Whiskey Rebels wrong, or the Federals?
    Were the Southern Patriots wrong, who merely wished to be left alone(and slavery was already dying...), or Lincoln?
    One of the founding principles, was the concept of power. In that, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But, it has been my observation that centralized power corrupts whole nations.
    So to those wishing to restore liberty, I ask again, What is Liberty?
    I ask this question because, to begin a Revolution, without a Plan of End Game, is folly... it will lead to warlords and chaos. Without some overall plan or leadership, it will degenerate into another French style revolution. This is because we have two generations of idiots, that would have to all be killed. They would not allow the current constitution to be put into effect again, and neither would I. For you see, I have come to the opinion that the Constitution is a flawed document. It is about the centralization of power. We threw off the aristocracy of royalty, only to replace it with an aristocracy of money.

    It is not the Constitution we love, it is the concept of the Bill of Rights, and that the rights and liberties of a free men, come directly from God. In this regard the Founders had it right. The communist bill of 'positive' rights is the thing to be fought against. And it will have to be fought against AFTER. Thus, all efforts must be placed into the RE-Founding of a Constitution of the Confederation of the Morality of God. Without God in your affairs, you are doomed to anarchy.

    There is a reason why we have been called; The Last Great experiment... in men governing man, without God.

    But the key to it all, is the decentralization of power, under an articles of confederation. I will no longer allow anyone to represent ME. I am quite capable of representing myself, over any issue that confronts us, in open debate, in local councils, that form a distributed network of decision makers. As I said here and above, the biggest lesson of the last few thousand years, is the lesson of Samuel and Saul... that, God did not want us to have Kings. That whole centralized power thing, again, always becomes; Absolute power. For any central authority, will always grab more and more power unto itself, is this not obvious by now?

    Only when we have defined the Meta, or What comes After, can we truly define... Liberty.

    Live long, and prosper.

  2. What is Liberty?

    The right to be left alone. Nothing more than that. When some busybody comes up to you and starts demanding you do this or stop doing that which does not harm others, it's the ability to tell him to f--k off. And fire a hard right cross into his jaw if he doesn't stop.

  3. Do Not Be Afraid, as God tells us 365 times in scripture, my Patriot Brothers and Sisters. We are many tmes more the number that we expect and in the time of action to retore Rightful Liberty we will stand and defeat any and all enemies og Liberty.

    Trust God and if you are not get, please I pray that you will get right with God. Our faith is critical to our success and to our very survival.

    Prepare for the worst and pray for His grace and blessings on our efforts to join together in the largest Liberty movement to everexist in the history of the world. Our restoration of American Liberty will inspire ourther nations to follow our lead. God is our guide and our inspirartion and our protector.

    Many are still asleep; however, many more will awake and hear our call and join our movement. Those who can train, please offer your experience and knowledge to those who know little how to conduct the business of the Small Group of PATRIOTS. We must shre our knowledge ad experience with others of like mind and mission for free whenever possible. We are building a leaderless army at the moment. At the time we require leadership strong, faithful, skilled leaders will move to the front and lead with courage, determination and the speed and insight of the eagle.

    Praise and worship God for it is He who gives us the gifts opf military might and skill necessary to be victorious. On to VICTORY. When we restore Liberty, we will no longer tolerate evil and greed and injustice. Join us ub=nder the Liberty Tree for a revival of our faith nd to restore Rightful Liberty. Amen, Amen.

  4. K,
    Your message is profound, inspiring, and on target. Thank you and may GOD Bless you, your family, and all Patriots! Especially the III% Patriots who are out there teaching SUT, TC3, and small arms tactics.
    Merry Christmas! May God Bless All of US!
    Mark in CFL

  5. Friends,
    We face a trifold challenge - we are lacking in faith and moral fiber; we have become drunk on "prosperity" at every upturn, sacrificing not only the rights of others, but also our own, in every period when we have felt "secure" in our domestic/financial condition; and lastly, we have ceeded authority not only to tyrants of government, but also of monetary power and corporate monopoly. Other nations have also faced the exact same challenges. Witness the unconstrained power of the "goldsmiths" of Brittain and some regions of France, from the early middle ages right up through the lat 1600s, who were allowed to mint gold and silver into "official coinage of the realm" at whatever profit they could obtain, so long as it bore "the approved image of the king." It is interesting to note that the first alignment of monarchy and the claimed divine right to issue coinage dates to the time of Caesar Augustus at the very time of Christ's advent. Prior to this, the coinage of the Roman Republic, of Greece, of Persia, and of other strong nations (and city-states) generally depicted deities, or the images of founders or heroes long dead. It was Caesar who asserted that all 'coin of the realm' should bear the image of the "Living God/King". This is the formal establishment of the unholy alliance between the power to make law and the power to issue money, and the timing of thisis striking - had Christ been born two generations earlier, he could never have asked the Pharssees "show me the coin with which the tax is paid, and whose image it bears"... and then instructed them to "render unto Caesar that which is Caesars", because such coin did not yet exist. This represents the first solid and "authritative" bonding of two evil elements - the denial of Immanuel (God with us) a.k.a. lack of true Faith, and the control of the monetary supply. Later, after the fall of Rome and her "God/Emperors" came the third leg of the triad - the 'Kings Charter", a.k.a. the confering of corporate priviledge to the goldsmiths, to mint and issue coinage as a means of monetary control over the populace, which every petty dictator since has exercised.This transition to centralized control of monetary policy and supply of currency is also the pivot-point away from true money and towards "currency", with it's attendant evil - the systematic debasement of said currencies - by which a hidden tax was levied by the later Roman emperors, and nearly every government since, and which was finally perfected at Jekyl Island in 1913 with the assemblace of the corporate monopoly we know today as the "Federal Reserve" and their perfect elimination of true money (precious metals) and it's replacement by the universal issuance of worthless fiat scrip, a.k.a. "Federal Reserve Notes", in absolute violation of the Constitution, which stipulates both that "money consists of silver and gold coin" and also that the authority to mint it comes only from the people, through their authorized representatives in Congress.

  6. In short, the FED represents the perfection of the Triad of Evil, and the final manifestation of what Crhist was warning us about when he stated, "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's" - we have abdicated Faith and Liberty for the worthless paper scrip of tyrants, issued by a Corporate manifestation of absolute evil (bear witness to the demonic symbology resplendent on Amiercan Money), which has successfully conspired to replace fiat scrip with something even worse - "credit".
    Gold = Money of Kings
    Silver = Money of Free Men
    Fiat Coinage = the scrip of royal subjects
    Debt = the scrip of slaves
    Ask not why WW-I was really fought; it was the war to abolish real money and replace it with Fiat issued solely upon "credit". Most of the secret treaties which led up to WW-I had as much to do with "reciprocity of credit" and the "fixing" of exchange rates, as it had to do with "mutual defense".

    Same with the Russian revolutions of October 1917 - the "White Revolution" was to abolish the authority of the Tzar by the bankers, who wanted to seize authority to debase the Ruble and issue "credit" under the auspices of "economic expansion", and the "Red Revolution" of october was to abolish the power of the bankers and corporate interests which they controlled, and "restore economic and monetary control *to the people*".

    Unfortunately, without a society of true faith, every change of rulership and/or monetary control will only make things worse, never better. This Natural Law applies to us as well as to every other nation...


  7. Brothers and Sisters, I love the message from KrisAnne Hall.com to focus on towns and states and elect Constitutional school boards, local town managers, state reprsetatives and senators, governors and other local representatives, especially Constitutional Sheriffs.

    Reverand Hall preached recently how many Pastor's cite Romans 13 to mislead Christian to think that we must obey the "authority of government"; however, we must remind each other that only just laws are to be obeyed and unjust laws are no law at all, so we must pay attention and follow Scripture and not listen or follow Pastor or Priests who misrepresent God and the Truth.

    Find a Bible believing church with Pastor or Priest who understands God's scripture and speak the truth.

    The time is now, my Brothers and Sisters, to stand up, speak out and insist, yes demand that any and every public representative speak the truth and that they represent God, our founder and the source of our nations founding principles and values. Yes, our Judeo-Christian foundation must be the current foundation in today's world.

    We were given an imperfect Constitution, yet the greatest guide for government ever created, inspired by God to serve His people.

    While I believe and I trust that we must surrnder to Jesus and learn about our Christian faith and seek His forgiveness and sin no more, some may be confused, rebelling, refusing to surrender. That's ok, not good but ok for now. Start following what you learned as a child or you are learning now. Live by the Golden Rule, Defend faith, families and freedom. Love one another, but do not feel obligated to be nice and ignore the reality of another person's conduct. When a person tells you they want to and will kill you, believe them they will if you are not strong and prepared to defend your faith, families and freedom.

    Look to the men and women who stood up in past conflicts, wars and societal crisis.

    We each know that our spiritual lives are essential. Choose today whom you will serve, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Select your place in eternity - smoking or non-smoking?

    Now, back to the present and the physical. Get ready for shock and awe at a level that you may never have suspected our government would ever use on the American people. Select a side arm (9, 45, 40, 38, 357, 22, whatever) and a rifle (bolt, single, semi-auto, lever action, etc.) but invest your cash in a rifle and get good, very good at shooting close and long distance. Every member of the family needs to do the same. Leaders of the family, men make sure your wives and children secure arms and learn safety and effective use. Women do the same stand with your husband united. I suggest everyone purchase the same caliber and plenty of ammunition to use, if necessary and to share when necessary.

    A fixed blade knife for each member is also good for camping and self-defense if necessary. A pistol belt and suspenders are inexpensive at Military Surplus stores. A pack and ammo pouches for the three to six magazines you purchase. That's right. get ready, even if you think it is crazy. Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

    Food, water sources, including filters, purification tablets, and other supplies, such as medical, Ist Aid kits for every member. Extra everything as you can afford to secure, since others may loss everything and need to be equipped. Plan to share food and other resources with like minded, fellow patriots. We must join/form Constituional communities.

    One last thing, be prepared to kill anyone who threatens your family, group, community or commits treason. Let's think about all of this. We may differ on approach; however, we must make a commitment to restore our Constitution and the rule of law and decide if LIBERTY is worth dying for.

    God bless you. The time is now to defend Rightful Liberty and Restore our Constitution and the Rule of Law. Peace...

  8. Brother and Sisters, I was wondering the other day why the Patriot movement has not rallied in the public square throughout the nation in opposition to everything this president has been doing and threatening to do.

    I realize that when the moment arrives and that may be when we can no longer tolerate the loss of so much of out God-given Liberty, that we like the Small Groups of Well Armed, Trained and Determmined Patriots will join up and search and destroy enemies of Liberty.

    I trust that many Patriots understand that when we restore our Constitution, we will no longer tolerate treason and we will insist that all of those who have documented evidence of treason be prosecuted. Some may require the death penalty, while others life in prison and the confication of their wealth if unjustly taken from the American people. Those funds can go into a fund to compensate victims of the Elite.

    So, my Brothers and Sisters, await the moment of necessity to join with your well armed, trained and determined Patriot Groups and follow the direction given by the Paratroopers Commander.

    Remember we will not arbitrarily engage, we will engage the enemy and destroy their infrastructure and anyone who continues to serve evil. We will offer an opporunity for those who serve the corrupt government to surrender and learn why we are committed to justice and the American way. Corrupt citizen will stand trial and defend their actions in a court of law. We will restore the rule of law. Remember it is Rightful Liberty we will restore.

    God bless you and long live the Restored Republic. Peace....

  9. Brothers and Sisters, we must recognize that radical Islamists are cowards; they murder innocent men, women and children who are defenseless. They attack only when they have the element of surprise/ambush. They wear masks to protect their identity and they follow a political system hiding behind religion. These are cowards. They kidnap children and rape and brutally slaughter innocent children and women and men.
    Dr. Bill Warner- www.politicalislam.com will provide historical facts about the so called religion of Islam.

    Aswe see the conduct of radical Islamists as well as migrants traveling through European countire, trashing everywhere, demand money and reacting with violence whenever they are told to behave responsibly and in a civilized manner. The turn into a mob and destroy everything in their path.

    In their effort to invoke fear and scare everyone into submitting to their demands; they will eventuallu rapes, murder and destroy everyone who does not submit to Islam.

    We must not be afraid. We must not give in. We must demand that our Represetatives and Senators, Republican and Democrat , to stop the president from his plan to allow migrants for Africa and the Middle East to come into America. Our government can not protect us, they can not determine who is a treat andwho is simply fleeing war.

    It is insanity to facilitate the migration of thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of Muslims yo enter our cities, towns, schools, universities, public assistance rles, etc. Too many of these folks want to destroy Western Civilization.

    If our representative continue to refuse to stop this insane plan of the president, they must know that we will defend our towns and cities and we will not tolerate criminal activity, disruption of our lives. The police will not protect us ; however, we will be forced to stand in the gap.

    It is time to impeach any and every elected representative who goes along with the presidents insane plans. The budget in the process of being passed, continues to funds immigration of Muslims, while Christians are left to be slaughtered and funding conttinues for Planned Parenthood. Regardless of our supportor opposition to abortion, we must close Planned Parenthood down because they sell baby body parts and dump the remains in the local dump. This racist, murdering organization must lose all public funding. If you want to send them your personal money that's fine, but American's must not be forced through taxation to pay for those thing we do not support.

    Go to OATHkeeper.org to read about the most recent attacks on Swedes by radical Islamists. Are you ready to surrender to radical Islam and allow our children to be raped and slaughtered along with our parents, grandparents andother family members, our friends and the destruction of our way of life.

    As much as OBOMA has been attempting to destory our valuess and traditions and society, he hqd decided to facilitate the Islamists to dstroy America.

    Remember whatthe Japanes General siad after Peal Harbor attacks, we have awakened the sleeping giant. America awake and defend our faith, families and freedom. Prepare to defend your home, community and to go to the aid of our fellow patriots. We will defeat Islam if they continue to attaks us here and we will destroy Islam once and for all throughout the world along with other liberty minded citizens world wide.

    God bless you. Be Not Afraid. We are strong. Because we are lawabiding citizens we do not appear to be able or willing to defend our families, communities and country...We will. The time has come to stand up and not sit down. Speak the truth. Do not be silent. Be Liberty Minded. Peace...

  10. Brothers and Sisters, as you may know the federal gvernment is in the process of continuing to facilitate the immigration of illegals, including invaders who want to destroy life as we know it, from the Middle East, Africa and other areas ito America.

    It appears that Lancaster County, Pennsylavanis is a target area where the peaceful and hard working Amish reside. Once again, our government will continue to relocate tens of thousands of individuals who do not want to become Americans, learn and live our culture, but mostly disrupt and destroy our culture.

    Many of these individuals want to bring Sharia law to replace our Constitution and in time it will be too late to restore our way of life and liberty.

    We must speak out and unit as Americans to maintain and restore of Constitutional liberties.

    As these immigrants or better stated invaders come into our communities, and they will live off our welfare systems funded by our tax dollars, they will disobey our laws and traditions and insist that we covert our culture to accommodate their so called religious practices. America owes nothing to those who invade our land.

    Our government, in particular our president and congress, are forcing these people who have no intention of becoming Americans, as our parents and gransparents did when they came from Mexico, Spain, Ireland, England and other nation around the world, to relocate iin our communities.

    Be prepared to defend our faith, our families and our freedoms. We may need to patrol our toens, cities prepared to protect innocent citizens from the abuse that citizens in Germany, Sweden and other European countries are experiencing.

    Sure their are some Muslims who simply want to practice their so called religion. However, only Isalmists who follow the Koran are practicing Islam. Political Islam is what the Islamist bring to the world. They institute sharia law, that justifies rape of Kafir women, stoning of women who do not follow theier husband and are accused of adultery, cutting off hands of criminals, and disregarding American Constitutional law.

    Is this what you want in America? Google Sweden rapes and other violence against the Swedes, to learn how the Islamists are treating the Swedish people, especially the women and girls whom they rape in great numbers after the Swedish people welcome the so called immigrants who are invaders in Europe.

    Will we allow our wives and daughters to be raped as they shop or walk down the street? Will we allow our sons and daughter to be beaten on the streets? Will we allow the invaders to rally and demonstrate their hate against the American people, burn our cas homes, shops and violently assault American citizens and our police?

    The government - mayors, governors and presidents will allow these violent jihadists to attempt to intimidate us. We must not. We must stand up and defend our towns, cities and states with citizen soldiers if our police and sheriffs will not protect us. The first time it happens in our town we must respond with overwhelming force to show them that this will not be tolerated in America. We are not afraid. We must stand together in numbers greater than the invaders and with the will to eliminate any threat. We must defend the religous liberty of Christians, Jews, Buddists, Hindus, Native Americans, and other peaceful and cooperative religious faiths - our First Amendment, with our Second Amendment if and when necessary!

    It is already being tolerated in Dearborn, Mich. Political correctness, forced on America by progressive liberals who are attempting to control our lives and force us to comply with their demands, such as gun control, lies in our school systems, rewriting America history, are destorying our culture our faith, our families and our freedoms.

    God bless you and our Restored Constitution and Republic. Peace.....

  11. Brothers and Sisters of Liberty, learn practical skills, gardening, farming, weapon repair, herbal healing, alternative everything, since if/when things do fall apart, the elite will try to starve us out. This will work well in the cities, so consider country life where we can farm and raise food and barter and support each other. We can also, prepare together to destroy the tyrannical and evil forces that willattempt to destroy us.

    Support, encourage, train each other. Share knowledge, skills, information.

    The following are afew site to visit for the truth: WildBillforAmerica.com; KrisAnneHall.com; pamelageller.com; robertspencer.com; Center for the Study of Islam (Dr. Bill Warner); Oathkeepers.com; IIIPercent.com to name a few. These wil lead to other Patriots.

    By the way, I no longer focus on islam or muslims, I focus on jihad which is the true treat to liberty and western civilization. Those committed to jihad want to kill us and destroy western civilization. Sure muslims and islam are used to disrupt and distract us from the real enemy. I say each person needs to stand up and pledge alligence to Liberty and tolerate freedom. It is time to be intolerate of socialism, communism, fascism, jihad, and support freedom loving people all over the world. We must whether Christians or not, follow the Golden Rule and the Judeo-Christian values and principles.

    The 9/12 Project is anoterh group to check out and if it speaks to your values joi up and speak out. The time is now. Come together right now to support Liberty.

    Do Not Be Afraid...Be Prepared... God bless you. Peace...

  12. Brothers and Sisters, Be of good cheer for we will restore our Constitution and our God-given rights that this great document reflects. I urge you to check our KrisAnnHall.com, a Constitutional Attorney who is our sister in the Liberty Movement and is educating citizens on our Constitution.

    The video site below has a presentation on the 700 years history of attempts by Anglo-Saxton citizens to secure liberty. Our Constitution is founded upon these previous Liberty documents.

    Please get informed; we must learn our history and how our government was formed and the powers we the people gave to the federal government and the many powers that we retained in our States.

    God bless you. Long live our Restored Constitution and Republic. We are men and women; however, we have allow the federal government to takour power and liberties from us. It is time to take our freedom back, so that our children and grandchildren do not have to shed their blood restoring what we wasted. God bless you. Long live our Restored Constitution and Republic. Peace...


  13. Brothers and Sisters of the Liberty Movement, I am reading about Goerge Washington and the Original Patriots and what they experienced, both the failure of the population to support the Liberty Movement at that time and the limited number of folks to join the movement and fight for their Liberty.

    I urge each man and woman and young people as well, to consider the fact that this is our moment , our moment to stand up, speak out and prepare to defend our faith, families and freedom.

    The hour is growing late for us to organize and to prepare for the likely battles ahead, both personal and national spiritual battles, emotional and intellectual battles. We can not continue to spend valuable and essential preparation time contemplating, considering and discussing whether it is the right time. There is no right time, there is only the time that we are given and we are given the time today to act in defense of our Good-given Liberties, as documented in our Constitution.

    There are those who fear the possibility of violence and the risk to their lives and families and so some will decide to sit out the struggles that many good and God-fearing men and women - the Patriots have already committed to strive together to restore our Constitution and the Liberties that it identifies as God-given Rights.

    If we do not stand now, today, we risk tyranny as we have yet to experience it and our lives, our families, our liberties will be vulnerable to slavery, our children have been indoctrinated in our "public schools" and "unviversities" to think that we, Patriots, are the enemyWe must teach our children the truth and we must stand up, join together in the greatest Liberty Movement ever to walk the face of the earth.

    Jopin us my Brothers and Sisters and urge your families, friends, neighbors to learn the truth and join the Liberty Movement. Individuals can not and will not survive on their own, no matter how much food, water, weapons, ammo they possess, we must join in community with III Percent, OAthkeepers, which every coiitizen, not just veterans and LEO, must join, also, reach out for more information to learn and share: KrisANneHall.com; TheStudyof PoliticalIsalm.com (BillWarner.com); Pamelageller.com; RobertSpencer.com; ZoNation./com to name a few. Please important, informative sites and get involved. The time is now, please join or we shall die and more importantly, Liberty will die. God bless you and your family. Be Not Afraid. God is guiding us and we need to act according to the threats we face. Peace....

  14. Brothers and Sisters of Liberty, I trust that many of us understand the serious attacked on our liberties are resulting and will continue to result in the loss of our God-given liberties.

    There are many ways to protect and defend our liberties. We can support the organizations and individuals who write and publish valuable articles and books, write and perform music, write movies, present our history through lectures on our Constitution and our past and present actions to stand up and speak out for liberty, such as KrisAnneHall.com

    We must resist the urge to sit down, roll over and hide, in hopes that the oppressors will be merciful - they will not. They will continue to destroy of faith, our families and our freedoms until and unless we stand up and refuse to be intimidated. We must not be silent about injustice; we must speak the truth and demand justice.

    We will continue to be called names, such as intolerant, bigoted, racist, homophobic, haters, etc. Rather than allow our voices and rights to be silenced, we must stand united, so that those who are attempting to intimidate us into silence and acceptance of conduct that is inappropriate, unethical, immoral, and down right evil will see our numbers grow not shrink.

    We must not be afraid of standing up and demanding that those who are perverting our American values, those who are attempting to repress our voices and values must know that we will not sit down; we will stand up and insist that our voices be heard and heeded.

    At times it can appear hopeless, but that is only what the evil doers wannt us to think when in reality we are getting stronger in our faith, in our families and in protecting and defending our liberty.

    I urge you to use your talents, skills, resources (knowledge, money, etc.) to build a stronger America, by supporting each other. Build Constitutional towns, cities, counties and in time restore our nation and our Constitution throughout the land.

    Vote and write letters to legislators, boycott businesses that attempt to tear down our taditional American values. Spend our money in those businesses that share our values. Those businesses in North Carolina that are threatening to leave the state and are criticizing the citizens and elected officals for supporting sane, righteous laws that will protect our children, youth and our values against the out of control/anything goes evil and controlling individuals, organizations and businesses, as well as our legislators who are attempting to force us to submit to evil - we must continue to say NO, we will not comply.

    As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord. Choose today whom you will serve. Will we play it safe and remain silent so that no one accuses us of being bigoted, racist, homophobic, etc. We must stop letting evil doers force us into submission and silence. Stand up and speak out my Brothers and Sisters.

    We have every right tho protect and defend our traditional American values. Those who want to destroy our values can leave N. Carolina if they like or they can mind their own business and stop attempting to control everyone else.

    Conversations, debates, and efforts to influence each other are fine in the appropriate adult forum, as long as we leave the children to their childhood and stop trying to convince them that personal choices are simply an "alternative lifestyle". A very small percentage of the population around 1% choose to engage in homosexual behavior and .001 have decided to become "transgendered". Just because others make up these "alternatives" does not mean we have to accept, support or celebrate wrong conduct and evil actions.

    God bless you and long live our Restored Constitution and Republic.
    We will restore our traditional values as we grow and get stronger and hold our ground. Peace....

  15. Brothers and Sisters, May God have mercy on us; however, why should He, since many Americans, including Patriots ignore His direction to serve the Lord. We are not holding this president or this congress accountable and demanding that our Constitution, yes our God-given rights be restored and our elected official and their unelected administratots respect, defend and honor our Constitution.

    So many American are ignorant and many could care less, as long as they can continue to live their decadent lives. Even living in "poverty" many are content to have their section 8 housing, food stamps with no need to work to provide for their families. Many abandon their families, their husbands or wifes and children because they are inconvenient. Too many of us want to do what feels good and we have no time for God.

    God can and may have taken His hand of protection off of us and if so we are on our own and we will experience trauma never imagined.

    Once the system falls apart completely, we will all suffer the consequences of the bad choices and ungodly conduct our neighbors.

    So, my friends, get right with the Lord and let's stand up, speak out and Be Not Afraid...of losing the stuff and comforts we have...the ability to contiue to eat dinner out and go to movies... go on vacations. All of this will stop soon, so get prepared to survive and take care of our families and communities and yes reestablish Christian communities with non-aggression agreements with other communities. We will each be forced to choose whom we will serve. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord and we intend to restore our God-given liberties. It may take a long time or short but it will require committed Christians to live our faith and survive, so get ready.

    Please stop being so nice that we fail to hold each other and especially our "leaders" accountable.

    Stock up as much food, water, filters, seeds, tools, weapons and ammo and other supplies necessary to live in a world disrupted and possibly destroyed by greed, fear and false assumptions that one group can dominate another.

    We must put an end to aggression, ISIS, and every other violent group harming others must be stopped and order and peace restored, so thta people can live in their own countries and own their own challenges and need to restore their communities.

    Be prepared to defend our faith, our families, our freedom and the communities that we form to defend liberty.

    God bless you my brothers and sisters. It's real, the time has come to stand up and demand honor and respect for God. Some will resist and continue to assault others and we must stop the abuse of power, especially from the highest offices of government as well well as from the neigbor next door.

    We do not know if the world, as we know it, will survive; however, if we want to live eternally with God, choose today ...smoking or non-smoking...

    Warriors who are honorable and god fearing are needed to defend out faith, families and freedom. The so called leaders who have been serving themselves must be brought to justice and held accountable.

    Treason has no statute of limitations and we will hold those who harm others accountable and under the rule of law. Call them out. They already know who you are and what you have and where your loyalties are and they will kill you if you do not defend yourself, so stand and attempt peacfully to restore our liberties and if that does not work be prepared to fight and fight like the Warriors that we are and can be ...Rightious Warriors. We fear no one and will destroy everyone who opposes liberty. Peace

  16. Patriots, you folks are essential to the support and survival of the Liberty Movement; however, the Republic requires hundreds of thousands, better yet millions of citizens who know what America was like before she was raped of her core values and her God-given liberties.

    Many young folks know or are learn what America was like before the corrupt so called political, religious and community leaders failed to protect or surrendered our liberties.

    We have been silent for far too long. I urge you to read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights within that great document and the Declaration of Independence, since we will be forced to challenge tyranny and million of Patriots do not intend to give up our liberties and we will restore our Republic.

    Be Not Afraid. God gave us our liberties and He is with us. I know some may not believe in God or the Christian faith; however, please study Scripture and learn how we were created in His image and He blessed each of us with a purpose and the ability to achieve His purpose for our lives. I believe, yes I trsut that God has not abandoned us. He may have left us to our own will, which has been weak for many of us; however, we will get strong and we will support each other and restore our faith and our understanding of what it means to be a Warrior who will defend his or her God-given rights.

    When the going gets tough, the tough will get going and there are many Warriors ready to stand up and destroy tyranny and its allies.

    Those of us who do not feel ready have many around us who can and will teach us how to use weapons, our brains, our muscles, hand guns, rifles, shotguns and other weapon we can secure to fight the fools and the indoctrinated tyrants who think they are special and that they will be protected and fed and given privileges.

    Once those folks learn that it is a game and they have been set up to protect the tyrants and serve the corrupt and not justice and the "American Way", they will join the Liberty Movement and our numbers will grow beyond belief.

    Active Military, Law Enforcement and other security folks will choose liberty for themselves, their families and their country when they realize that they must choose.

    Once the tipping point has been reached and tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of Patriots begin to take strategic action against strategic targets, not our fellow citizens, unless they demonstrate that they have chosen tyranny or other crimal conduct, we will wake up every citizens and each of us will have to choose - liberty or death.

    It can become bad/brutal quickly once we reach a tipping point, so get prepared.

    Some battles have been won against liberty; however, the young the old and everyone in between - citizens stand up honorably and get ready to defend our faith, families and freedom.

    If you do not have firearms and plenty of ammo or as much as you can secure, start doing so now and don't stop. Get practice and become a sharp shooter. It is good to have the same caliber for all members, so we can share ammo and firearms, if possible. A 22 long rifle is better than no firearm, so remember shot placement is critical.

    Please forgive me for focusing on such harsh reality. Come on brothers and sisters join together and get prepared to fight until fighting is no longer necessary. You are not along, millions of Patriots will be with you. Emmanuel - God with us and yes my friends He is with us. Do you remember hearing - If God be for us who can be against us. We will win the war to restore...our Republic. God bless you. Peace...

  17. Brothers and Sisters, please view the following link to a brief video on islam and the fact that people have a real fear of islam not an islamophobia, since the fear is real not irrational:


    Patriots, Be Not Afraid as God tells us in Scripture. Not a Christian? that's just the way it is at the momment, and you can restore the Faith that God placed in your Heart whenever you are ready to face reality. We were created by our God, Our Creator.

    God is also our Protector; however, we can not simply wait for God to save us, we must use His gifts, talents and love for Him and for one another to stand up, speak out, defend our Faith, Families and Freedom.

    Defending our God-given liberties may and I trust will require Americans and citizens throughout the world to destroy political islam and any other repressive government or group of terrorist that attempt to destroy our liberties.

    Of course some so called muslems follow a superficial "religion" just like Christian, Jew, Hindus, Buddist, Atheist - all in name only. Yes, folks who could care less about the doctrine to which they say they follow and live like the whores and triators that they are.

    We Christians must reflect in our actions in order to determine if we are faithful or phonies. Warming the pew on Saturday or Sunday is not enough. We must live our faith everyday and in our actions. Our fruits/actions will reflect who we are, what we believe and how we can demonstrate, not to each other, but to God who we serve.

    As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord - Our Lord and Our Savior Jesus Christ. (End of part 1 of 2). Peace...

  18. Brothers and Sisters (part 2 of 2)

    So my fellow Patriots, please consider the Christian Faith. As Thomas Jefferson said, Question boldly, even the existence of God. But my Brothers and Sisters, question, do you own research, like the atheist investigative reporter Lee Stroble who researched Christianity and learned the truth that God, Jesus and Christianity were and will always be real. He learned the truth.

    Consider reading God's word for yourself, and let the Bible open your eyes, mind and heart. Read A Case For Christ; A Case For God; A Case For God; A Case For Christianity, all by Lee Stroble. Read our Founders most of whom reflect their deep faith in Jesus and state clearly that the foundation of our Constitution and form of Republic are founded on the Christian faith.

    Please do not disregard this encouragement, since it is true my friends so please do not ignore the truth and please consider right now to surrentder to God our Father, Jesus His Son and our Savior and the Holy Spirit - Three In One - God.

    It is actually very cool when we can let go of those who fail us and deny or disgrace God by their corrupt behavior. The world is corrupted and we are vulnerable to corruption as many of us have fallen away from God; however God is forgiving and will receive our true repentence and restoration of our relationship with Him

    In the meantime, live Holy lives, honor and integrity are essential and if you want to put God aside, just be careful, because this is not a dress rehearsal this is the real deal and we get the opportunity to accept God now, in five minutes, five days it may be too late. We die and we stand in front of the Lord. Times up stand guity or saved. Smoking or non-smoking section for eternity my Brothers and Sisters. Please choose today, right now whom you will serve.

    Now, get prepared for the possibility of a great war with many battles to restore our God-given liberties. As AnnBarndhart.blog and others remind us there are corrupt so called Christians, including some of the highest leaders in the Catholic Church and other Religions. These men and people can and do fail us and God. Our relationship is with God directly and He knows our thoughts ot actions all our secrets so seek His forgiveness and go and sin no more....

    In order for us to stand strong and united in battles to win back/take back our Constitution and God-given liberties, we will need to be united in love and strong in battle.

    War is hell; however, it necessary when tyranny attempts and begins to destory our Constitutional liberties that protect our God-given rights to religious liberty, freedom of thought/speech, association, to our property, paper and other effects.

    Read or reread our Constitutionand the section on the Bill of Rights. Read our Declaration of Independence and you will agree that we are in similar if not worse times and we are required to stand and fight for freedom, not for ourselves, for our liberties are many lost. We must and we will restore our Constitution and Republic for our children and grandchildren.

    God bless you and long live our restored Republic. One Nation Under God. Amen. Amen. Peace....

  19. Brothers and Sisters, my fellow Patriots, the many acts of terror that have been committed against the American people and Nations of the West.

    The recent horrific, violent rape and disgraceful conduct towards a five year old girl must be seen as outrageous and unacceptable terrorism. These young people have been taught to hate and devalue human life; they have been indoctrinated to kill Americans and any one who does not submit.

    We will never submit and we will not comply; we will fight and it may be time that Americans defend themselves and their families and communities, since law enforment, as much as they want to protet the American people, they are unable to be everywhere and this administration has been forcing our soldiers, police, FBI, etc. to stand down and not defend us or prosecute crimials and terrorists.

    If you are unclear as to the motives of these many brutal, savage acts of terro, please go to Thecenterforthestudyofpoliticalislam.com and learn the truth about the jihad agaisnt the western world.

    This is real and dangerous folks. Watch and protect your children and all children in your community. If you do not have a concealed carry permit, please consider areming yourself and your spouce as well. Take safety and combat use of your fireams and go to the indoor or outdoor range to practice; get to know you firearms. Seek training and be responsible as I trust that you will.

    Write to your state legislators and congressional representatives and insist that they pass laws that protect America citizens and remove dangerous laws from the books,, which restrict our ability to conceal carry or open carry everywhere.

    The criminals abuse our laws not the law abiding citizens. So, law enforcement need to refrain from harrassing law abiding citizens. Tell our local, state and federal governemnts that we demand the right to carry and protect ourselves in every environment, period...

    Encourage your adult relatives to do the same. Fisrt to take firearms safety and tactical training. We need mature, responsible Americans - Partiots to step up, get prepared and defend the innocent citix=zens like this five year old girl who could not defend herself.

    Also,please pass the message on to every parent that you know, meet and see to protect their children, never leave them alone. Trust no one until to can variefy that they are trustworthy.

    Understand the mission of the jihadists which is to kill the infidels and anyone who does not submit to islam. Islam is a political organization, and while some folks think it is a"religion of peace", once you study islam you will find that the war against the west has been goin on for 1400 years. The ottoman empire (Turkey) invaded Europe, forcing and returning to the middle east a million European women into sexual slavery.

    Study the Christian faith and learn the truth. Study political islam and learn the agenda to kill us.

    Consider joining III Percent, Oathkeepers and other Patriot organizations. Get involved or if you do not want to get diirectly involved right now, we will all have to choose soon, use your finacial resources to support Patriot organizations, which need your talents and treasure, one or both. Thank you. God bless you. Long live our restored Republic. Peace....


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