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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Signal Corps: Training Announcement

Sparks has added another class in Connecticut for the fall.

And remember, Tulsa in November.

Here's the link.


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  1. Patriot Brothers and Sisters, if you have extra weapons and ammunition that you can not use, please consider finding a fellow patriot to pass some of you arsenal on to, so that young man or woman who may have little resources to purchase what they need to defend their faith, families and freedom. Once you identify a trusted and committed Patriot, please help them prepare in any way that you can. Older Sisters and Brother with experience and resources can share knowledge and resources and even build a team of like minded Patriot who will work together and prepare to defend a homestead together and invite other like minded Patriots join when they have demonstrated trust and commitment in restoring Liberty.

    Those who do not understand must learn what American values are and be prepared to defend them. Those who do not support and will not defend the restoration of Liberty must move on to another land where they can live in socialism, communism, islamofascism. They must be told that they are no longer welcome in this land where brave men and women have given their lives to defend our God-given rights to life, liberty and property.

    Every citizens must take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. We will restore freedom to fifty free and independent and interdependent states not to a federal system of tyranny.

    We do not intend to surrender our rights/our liberty; however, we must have a common bond and a sacred honor that allows us to join together and respect each others rights and not repress liberty. Tyranny will not be tolerated. Attempts to control citizens or states will be defeated. America will become stronger that she has ever been and freedom will grow at home and throughout the world because people want to be free. God bless you and long live the Restored Republic of the United States. Peace, Peter ~


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