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Monday, April 28, 2014

III Citadel PatCon & Brock's NC PatCon

NC PatCon: We are now fewer than two weeks from gathering once again at Brock's place in North Carolina.  Holly and I are eager to be back among fellow Patriots in such a wonderful environment. 

We will be teaching Fight to your Weapon on Friday the 9th, and are pleased so many class alumni will be there.  Two of our III 300 Patriots have offered to share some of their Krav techniques with us as well, so be ready to train!  After CQB Holly and I will be joining Grenadier for his Georgia Force-on-Force introductory class.  He'll be introducing Patriots to using AirSoft guns as training aids - we are really looking forward to this class.  H & I are looking forward to meeting G1.  Saturday Brock has a full day planned, including speeches and discussions.  Of course nightly campfires will certainly again be highlights. 

The Patriots who come to Brock's are great people.  If you can make it, you owe it to yourself to come and meet others who share your love of Liberty.  While networking and building friendships and alliances is a big part of the event, come ready to work.  There are topics to be discussed that need input from Patriots.  If you've never been to a PatCon, I promise it will profoundly affect you.  And Brock's events are the Gold Standard for PatCons.  Meeting Brock is alone worth a day's drive.  Here's the NC PatCon page for more information.

Holly and I will be headed for Idaho shortly after Brock's.  We have a couple stops along the way, and we are looking forward to meeting those of you who have reached out.

III Citadel PatCon: The weekend of August 8-10 will find us on the mountain once again for our second III Citadel PatCon in Idaho.  All III Patriots, Citadel residents and supporters, and Liberty-loving Americans are welcome.  Everyone is welcome to join us at Studio III for CQB classes, especially if you roll into town early.  The Planning Committee is beginning their work, so we'll announce  details as the schedule takes shape.  If you have a topic you'd like us to discuss as a group, or an activity you'd like to work into the weekend, leave us a comment or drop me a line at Kerodin@Kerodin.com.

If you are planning to attend the Citadel PatCon: Please drop by the PatCon blog and leave us a comment.  Who you are (screen names are fine) and how many people you'll have with you, what days you're planning to attend, etc.  This way we can ensure we have enough infrastructure in place.

We've set up a blog dedicated to the Citadel PatCon where we'll update everyone as the Planning Committee does their work.  Remember, this is your event.  So help us plan the agenda.

Here's the site: CitadelPatCon.blogspot.com

We look forward to seeing friends and allies once again, and meeting new faces!


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