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Monday, April 28, 2014

Rhodes: Parasite Revealed

**UPDATE - New Video Link**  Here - thanks to Anon in Comments who offered it!

**UPDATE**  As you can see the video has been taken down.  In the video the participants had agreed to a sit-down with Stewie - so maybe they pulled it as a concession.  Dunno.  Either way, this cluster fuck threatens to smear the work that was done by those Patriots who stood toe-to-toe with BLM weeks ago.  And perhaps that is part of the mission.  There is a full-court press in play to undermine what happened at the Bundy Ranch.  You'd be foolish to ignore the likelihood that provocateurs made it under the wire.  You'd be equally foolish to ignore the likelihood that you'd recognize the names...


Anyone standing with OathKeepers is NOT standing with Liberty.

Anyone taking silver from the OathKeepers is a self-serving whore and an Enemy of Liberty.

Yeah, I said it.

Rhodes has become a very wealthy man through OathKeepers, on the promise his organization would stand tall for Patriots when events got sporty.  Eyewitnesses affirm he was personally several rows deep when facing BLM.  And now he is being accused of being a Provocateur by serious men who have been face-to-face with him for weeks.  When it got real, Stewart Rhodes revealed his real nature.  He is a parasite feeding off real Patriots and the deliberate destruction of Liberty.

If you continue to stand with OathKeepers, clear out of my camp.

And do not write me about 11th Commandment nonsense - the moment a man reveals he is not seeking Liberty, or that he is a back-stabbing, self-serving fuck, he gets ex-communicated and kicked to the curb ricky-f'n-tick.  Keeping enemies inside the wire is just fucking stupid.

Thanks to RichD for the link.



  1. Sure would like more background on what exactly transpired.

    1. More details coming - Gary Hunt has several sources embedded on the ground and is getting a truckload of first-hand reports. As soon as he releases I'll make certain to link.

  2. Replies
    1. ;) You were among the first to call bullshit, and people browbeat you for it. But now, when SHTF, Stewie proved you were right to the entire world. You've got one of the best Bullshit detectors I've known.

      Stay safe.


    2. I'll say this---I don't think I've ever seen more meaning expressed with only two letters. Very efficient.

  3. The YouTube link says the user's YouTube account has been closed, fyi.

    1. Thanks, Mo - I'll try to find another copy and learn why the publisher yanked it.

  4. The video:


  5. Definition: Dissipater: "...redirect the course and energy of a unit in ways which will cause it to accomplish nothing of any importance. They may also act so as to break a unit up by emphasizing differences, disagreements and personality clashes between unit members."


    Seems like the actions fit to a 't'.....to this post and the 'love me wall' photo op of 'the three amigos'...

  6. When the bullets start flying is when I'll feel like things are getting fixed.


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