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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Intellectual Honesty

This Liberty Movement, if it is anything at all, is a collection of Americans who declare that they are possessed of solid principles and a strong moral compass.  We dare claim the moral authority to stand and demand our individual Liberties, and Liberty for our Countrymen.  We insist that we are better than those who lie, cheat and steal for personal gain.

Maybe one has never robbed a bank.  Perhaps the Patriot next to you has never raped, pillaged or plundered.  It is possible the Patriot on your other shoulder helps old ladies across the street, adopts rescue shelter shelties, goes to church every Sunday, and never backhands his wife.

But, does he have the mettle to never lie?  Does he have the moral balls to apologize when he makes a mistake?  Does he have what it takes to lose a friend over Principle?  Does he refuse to cheat?

It is the little behaviors that inform us about the heart and soul of a man.

Miss Violet counseled: When a man shows you who he is, believe him.

When a man tells a tiny lie, he is telling you he is a liar.

When a man stabs you in the back on some trivial matter, he is telling you he is an untrustworthy soul, never worthy of your trust.

When a man cheats at the poker table he is telling you he is, at his core, a cheat.

Believe him.

When a man holds you to a higher standard than to what he holds himself - he's showing you that he is a hypocritical PoS.

Believe what you see with your own eyes.

If you truly consider yourself to be of a caliber better than our politicians, our banksters, our Liberal/Marxists, live it.  A man willing to be dishonest on a small scale will be dishonest on the big things, when it suits him.  A Patriot should publicly chastise, shame and shun his "allies" when they reveal themselves to be of suffering character.  Such men are as detrimental to our Founding Values as is the avowed Marxist.  Indeed, I have more respect for a Marxist who is willing to claim the title, than I do for a cheat or liar.  At least the Marxist is honest.  That is no trivial trait.

Walter Zoomie is a genuine Patriot, and the artwork he has provided for us over the years is an essential aspect of our collective propaganda efforts to delegitimize those who would be our masters.  You may think stealing his artwork and modifying it without credit is a small matter.  But men reveal themselves in the small matters.

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  1. Is that image on this post made by him because I'm pretty sure he didn't pay Disney to use mickey mouse

    1. Easy there, Bif.
      Don't mess with me.
      I was a door gunner on the space shuttle during my time in the Corps.
      I will rock your world, and when I'm done Slammin' Sammy might feel like getting him some.

      You don't want that.

    2. I was a door gunner on the space shuttle during my time in the Corps.

      Wasn't that right after you were a door gunner for a few years at the Indianapolis 50........?

  2. Anon misses the point (deliberately, I suspect). Zoomie never claimed to have created Mickey. He never tried to pass it off as his own. Big, big difference.

    Have a nice day.

    1. The guy said formatted not created there is a difference.

  3. Anon: You are trying to parse and spin your way to a strawman argument, and it won't work here. You are the one trying to draw a distinction between "format" & "create", no one else. Typical deflection tactics offered by a douche nozzle.

    So, come back with a legitimate point, or this will be your last word.

  4. The point is they mean different things. If your intelligence level is to low to understand that it can't be helped but look up the words in a dictionary. I won't post anymore about it because I understand you are not man enough to admit you are wrong.

    1. Actually, I thought I was wrong once. Gladly, I was mistaken.

      Anon, you are the one trying to make this about "formatting" and "creating" instead of the real point, which is theft without crediting the original work. And if you read Zoomie's post, or have ever read his blog, you know he always chastises himself when using other people's work (like the mouse).

      So, you are correct, you will not post any more here.

      Buh bye.

  5. I noticed that Oleg had that problem with Farago and why I don't visit the latter's site anymore.

  6. Sad really that we have to deal with those whose minds never matured past third grade..Give credit where credits due for petes sake...

    1. Give credit where credits due for petes sake

      You certainly wouldn't turn your back to them, that's for sure.

  7. Damn! Buncha vulgar mfers up in here and at my place. Me an' Brock are the only gentleman in the room.


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