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Sunday, April 6, 2014


A few hundred unarmed people take over Government buildings in eastern Ukraine.  No shots fired, as yet.  Of course, Vlad has many soldiers within an easy drive.  The folks taking over the buildings are demanding a secession referendum to join Russia.  Here's the link.

The Ukrainian Government blames Putin for the takeovers, of course.  Here's the link.

Meanwhile, proving that American Politicians are embarrassingly behind the curve, our Defense Secretary warns China not to take Senkaku as Russia took Crimea.  He says it won't be tolerated.  The PRC has not yet responded publicly, but we suspect the official response will be something like: "Blow me."  (Ya gotta hear it in Mandarin to be even funnier)  Here's the link.

Proving that Americans have nothing to worry about regarding domestic politics and the future of Liberty in the republic, estimates put about 3,000 people (many from out-of-state) at the Saturday 2A rally in Hartford to protest Connecticut's draconian gun laws.  Estimates put the number of new felons in CT at 100,000 or so - people who have banned weapons who have not registered them.  Gun owners in Connecticut obviously care.  WRSA update here.

In unrelated news more than 10,000 people packed the Harry A. Gampel Pavilion just outside of Hartford to watch a basketball game not even being played in Connecticut.

Absolutely unrelated news: The current US Government continues to shut down essential weapons programs.  Tomahawk and Hellfire systems are going.  Now the administration has announced the A-10 Warthog program will end, leaving ground support of troops to F-16 jockeys.  Here's the link.  And remember, none of this is related to anything...

God save the republic - because most of our countrymen don't give a sh*t.


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  1. K-NEWS. Personally I love it. Denis Miller move the fuck over, theres a new dog movin in.


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