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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Russian Troops on Alert?

ZeroHedge is reporting a single-source report that Russian troops bordering Ukraine have been put on high alert following the takeover of 3 Ukrainian Admin buildings in 3 different cities.  ZH claims the takeover of buildings was "...largely unexpected..." - they obviously don't read this blog.

Thanks to WiscoDave for the heads-up.

Here's the link.

Yes, folks - this is directly relevant to your life.  I'll work on a post to draw the connections this week.  In the meantime, if you do not have preps that anticipate a foreign presence in our coming Liberty Games - work on it.


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  1. SO WHAT??? I don't give a fat rats ass about anyone or anything the "old world" has. It is LONG past time the Eurocentric world view was left to rot. We need to bring our children home , end the endless wars we have engaged in since 1918. There is NOTHING outside our borders worth one drop of blood , or one penny of treasure. Everything else is a bunch of CIA propaganda and military industrial complex "kill em all" bullshit. I want to fix what's broken here , not see us involved in another war to prop up the federal military dictatorship in DC---Ray


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