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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Meet The Militia Rushing To Cliven Bundy’s Defense

Kerodin: “Violence is only acceptable in self-defense and in defense of innocent people from tyranny,” Kerodin said. “There will be violent clashes in our future between those who mean to be Masters, and those who refuse to be ruled.”

I have only gone "on-the-record" twice in my life.  Once with Glenn Beck, and now with Ms. Thompson.  Don't ask me why I said yes - I can't give you any rational answer except that I had a gut feeling.  I am not disappointed.

The article is solid and professional.

Only read the comments if you want your head to explode.

Here's the link.



  1. Tried to read the comments from a neutral mindset, but just couldn't make it all the way through. You can just smell the seething hatred.

  2. It made me realize...I don't have near enough ammunition!
    And I agree, you can smell the hatred. If you look at the FB pages of the commenters, you can see a pattern in their interests, especially in what they like. Fair source of intel there to build a profile of the opfor.

  3. Wow!! What a total bunch of brainwashed idiots... perhaps I will think about stepping in to save someones life next time.. they could be one of those people .

  4. I got about 25 comments down and had to quit. It's hard to believe that there are people that have this mindset yet profess to love this Nation. I better buy a lot more ammo.

    My God, I live in California and I don't hear this kind of talk even here - of course I haven't to the coast but 1 time in ten years or so and even then I didn't talk to anybody.

  5. Well done K; you nailed it! Killer lines there. And then there was this...“No existing political party represents genuine Liberty today.” Nah, you say? Maybe it's because at root, they're opposites. Politics maybe, but the Party? 'Scuse me, but I think I'll choose No to any Party, capital offense or not. That's kinda the story, isn't it?

    No reading comments for me. That was too good.

  6. Well, it did not take mikey long to reveal why he dragged himself out to NV, after the fact, post haste.

    " You'll like the replacement ball cap I procured for the NRA convention. The prags won't. It is desert tan, with a III in the center. Above that is: "Bundy Ranch Siege." Below is "It ain't about cows." On the back is: "Virgin River Volunteers." Since it will be immediately in commerce, no one else can steal the trademark. after I post the pictures (hopefully tomorrow) I'll tell you where you can get them. I am told that some Three Percenters out in NV on the line are already calling themselves "the Virgins," with one telling me they ought to adopt the name, "Vanderboegh's Virgins." Mikey and Stewie, two douchebag nutsacks of a feather, self-aggrandizing together.

    1. Are these the famed 72 Virgins I hear so much about?

  7. The article was reasonably well written,not sure if citing the SPLC counts as professional though.
    At least they printed the comment about starting a facebook page related to militia,and being on the SPLC's hate group list a few days later-not sure the author believes that to be the truth though.

    The lack of intelligence and rational thought in those comments was sickening-so I gave 'em a medium length rant-see what kind of idiotic replys I get.

  8. Kerodin,


    I read the article and it was professional.

    I only read a few of the comments and my head exploded:(

  9. If the comments do not.convince you of the need for OPSEC then nothing will. Quislings are everywhere

  10. they'll all(leftist commentors) make good camp comrades... the left is the left is the left... never going to change... all this article did was give them another venue for their voice... as usual, Sam's comments were the concise truth...

  11. This is the only picture I have found of mike wearing
    a hat at the Bundy ranch:

  12. I always read some of the comments. Know thy enemy. It reminds me that there are folks out there who hate me and my desire to be free of their sick groupthink. At that moment when I realize many of them want nothing more than to destroy good men seeking freedom my heart is filled with a calm. Confronting evil knowing it wants to kill you is good for refreshing your contact with God. Hearts filled with hate will not win this battle. Free men who's hearts are filled with love of their fellow man will.

  13. I was blown away and appalled by the majority of the comments left on that site.

    I did not realize that there were so many brain dead and brain washed folks out there.

    I am so very thankful that I live in a region that is not comprised of these idiots!


  14. Very fair article - I'm glad you were fairly represented.

    Yes, the comments are telling. I added my $0.02 to the conversation - like a drop of good in an ocean of evil.

  15. There are many believers in the government religion. The commenters clearly have not opened their eyes yet. They can see the militia people with rifles, but not the BLM snipers; one is "violent", the other somehow not. They don't see that violence underlies everything the government does.

  16. A must listen to if you have not heard it yet:
    Situation Report from Arizona Militia from the Bundy ranch


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