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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seeking Patriot Expertise: Tech

There is work being done in the aftermath of Bundy to build an infrastructure that is available to all Patriots who may find themselves in similar circumstances.  The goal is to have protocols that will help facilitate victory.  We have noted many strong-points from Bundy, not the least of which is the willingness of Patriots to stand tall when Enemies of Liberty point automatic weapons at them.

There were several areas that can be improved. 

I think it is nearly universally understood that one of the greatest tools for those seeking Liberty is the ability to get real, raw, unvarnished information from the scene to the public.  At Bundy we saw several protocols in play from Enemies of Liberty that sought to control the message, the data-flow, the truth.  Patriots did a good job of getting the truth out anyway, but it can be better, and the means can be formalized so the methods can be used by any Patriot, from Miami to Seattle.

This call for help is narrow in focus, but will probably expand as we discuss it.  I am asking any Patriots with relevant skills to put together the available technologies that can be used on the ground for getting images and reports out of the AO to allies across the country. 

How can Patriots on the ground get images out, get reports out, set-up live streaming feeds?  Can live-streaming cameras be affixed to inexpensive drones (read - RC helicopters/airplanes if not modern drone platforms)?  We are not discussing tactical comms on-site.  We are talking about getting audio, video, whether live or recorded, out of the AO and to our allies across the republic for dissemination.

What widgets can we pack into a footlocker and then send to a trusted ally who finds himself on the ground, hip-deep in alligators?

We're looking for specific technologies and widgets.  I know Looxcie is a tool that can send live-feeds of audio and video.  What else can Patriots use/do (keeping budgets in mind, but NOT excluding technology simply because of cost - if it is important, we can get the money) to get the information out to allies who can then disseminate?

We know Enemies of Liberty have the ability to shut down cells, jam comms, and all the bad things.  How do we work when they have NOT shut us down, and what are some work-arounds for when they DO shut it down?  For instance, you HAM guys - what is needed to use HAM to get video/audio out of an AO?  And what can Patriots do - what widgets are available, or techniques - to reduce OpFor ability to communicate, without frying Patriot Comms?

I welcome contributions in comments, of course.  But I am hoping a few of you will take the time to draw up a full protocol on whatever tech you choose to focus upon.  If you are going to suggest Looxcie, for instance, an instructional paper that includes the best phones, the widgets required, the apps required, where and how the data can be sent (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc), features of the tech, weaknesses, etc.

You can post on your own blogs if you are a blogger.  You can send to Kerodin@Kerodin.com - whatever.  I'm looking for everything from shooting video, putting it on a datastick and getting that stick out of the AO, to live feeds, to...

Send in what you know, and we can then work it into a synthesized, complete working document.

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE - when you submit, understand that I am the most tech-illiterate SOB you will ever meet.  Write your instructions for me, not a fellow Comms Officer.

Hope you will take the time to help.


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