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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Range War: The beginning of RevWarIII?

Visit Brock's place and watch the video.  Look at the crowds.  Look at the support.

I say again: If you have ever uttered "No more free Wacos" and/or "No more free Ruby Ridges" - you should already be packed and on your way, because this fuss over cattle is tyranny on full display.  (Hint: It has nothing to do with cattle.)

BLM is putting rifle muzzles in American faces for daring to photograph outside of the BLM's "Designated 1A Zones".  Personally, I can't find that article in the Constitution that permits 3rd tier .gov wannabe SEALs to designate where an American may, and may not, exercise 1A.

For those of you who have been itching for a Constitutional Crisis into which you can wade and make a difference, here it is...this is the next Waco.  This is the next Ruby Ridge.  This is the abject crushing of 1A by tyrannical Government employees.

Brock's place, here.



  1. Sick fucking bastards...I asked one of them who is staying right beside me when he was bringing in his m4 and his shotgun if he was getting ready for a war or what and he said yep...

    1. Was it a Patriot or a .gov soon-to-be-murderer next door with weapons? I'd be very pleasantly surprised if it is a Patriot...

  2. Replies
    1. Fcuk. I just posted a story from FreeBeacon claiming .Gov has surrounded the ranch with 200+ agents, complete with "machineguns" and "sniper rifles".

      Keep your head down out there.

  3. Sad really to see it happen...All because some fucking bureaucrats want to lord over others...

  4. They had to bring the cowboys in from Canada must not of been able to get enough traitors down here to do it...

    1. They are fighting back more today.



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