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Monday, April 7, 2014

Why does it matter...

I have been asked several times to diagram the link between Crimea, Ukraine, the Senkaku, North Korea, et cetera, and our domestic situation.  I will address the topic this week in a few posts.  This post, however, will reveal the truth of "Hearts & Minds".  We'll use the current happenings in Ukraine for this purpose, as it is on full display.

Here is one of the latest headlines, and the story (I'll link it below) is worth the read: In East Ukraine, Protesters Seek Russian Troops.

Which flag flies over Ukraine is of no matter to American strategic interests, to the interests of American Patriots seeking to restore Liberty, and even to the vast majority of Americans.  Aside from those seeking mail order brides and Americans who have family or roots in Ukraine, most people in our country could not even find Ukraine on a map.

Many people believe that Patriots must win Hearts & Minds prior to any violence.  If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know I do not agree with that position in whole.  I believe it is important to not create enemies gratuitously and to conduct ourselves in a manner that even our enemies will be forced to respect in moments of intellectual honesty.  But to win the intellectual argument of those uninformed, or on the fence, or who identify as "independents" or Republicans?  No.  Most people will never seek BoR and DoI Liberty.  Fortunately, the vast majority of Americans will endure whatever side that prevails, be it Patriots or those who mean to be Masters.

What do we see in Ukraine today that is relevant?

Even Vladimir Putin finds economy in creating the appearance of having Hearts & Minds on his side.  He uses this appearance as a moral imperative to take action.  He spends much time and treasure to create this appearance before he moves.  He inserts covert assets to make contact with true believers in his target AO and stokes their fires until they act.  When they act, as they did this weekend, they cry out for help and protection from their historic family.  Those who took over the administration buildings raised the flag of Russia and implored Putin to come into the area to protect them from the oppression of the Ukrainians.

That is the appearance of Hearts & Minds, a political construct that will be important in our coming Liberty Games.  Naked aggression will not be tolerated by the masses in America.

Putin found the true believers, mustered them into action, established the moral imperative and justification for using force in defense of these people.  The next step is simple - roll into town and protect them.  And because the dastardly enemy will seek revenge if his troops leave, he will not leave.

It is always small minorities of true believers who move countries one way or the other.  The masses in the middle, generally, settle for whichever side wins.  As long as you avoid making blood enemies, you can, generally, not worry about the masses.  Indeed, if you carry yourself properly you will find allies among the masses.

Watch Ukraine and Asia.  There are lessons there for American Patriots. 

I will warn you of this often: Prepare to meet foreign boots on the ground at some point after commencement of the North American Liberty Games.

Here's the story referenced above.



  1. Putin should have been in charge of hearts and minds in Vietnam.

  2. Yes I agree, it's impossible for me to conceive a different outcome. Why wouldn't a militarized force of "insert nation here" rather nations, as in U.N. compete for the opportunity. Are we not being prepared for just such an event by this administration ?


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