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Monday, April 28, 2014

Real-world politics...barrel of a gun

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The mayor of Ukraine's second-largest city was shot in the back and pro-Russia insurgents seized more government buildings Monday as the U.S. hit Russia with more sanctions for allegedly fomenting the unrest in eastern Ukraine.

Impeachment is a recent invention, brought to our Founding Documents by Benjamin Franklin.  Until Mr. Franklin offered the concept, there were only two options for dealing with politicians/tyrants who violated their mandate - tolerate it, or kill them.  My thanks to CA for sharing that history with me a few years ago.

I have a very strong moral compass.  (Stop laughing, dammit!)  I despise lying - even though I am totally comfortable parsing a sentence until it screams and dies.  But I consider myself firstly a realist.  I'd like the people of the world to interact with one another from a place of honesty and respect - but I am not willing to wait for another million years for the species to surpass itself.  Afterall, my goals have little to do with the realities of species survival - evolution won't go that way - certainly not in a short million years.  But more importantly, I do not think any man is obligated to endure any other man who intends to infringe his personal, Rightful Liberty, until such time as the oppressor Awakens and throws himself at the feet of the mistreated, begging forgiveness for his errant ways.  F that.

Impeachment is a nicety - a politeness offered by a civilized people.  It's like Mom giving her brat the courtesy of counting to three before she commences the beating for bad behavior.

Politicians and the Master Class have short-circuited Mr. Franklin's kindness of Impeachment.  To my mind, they have willingly thrown away the one barrier that a moral people have to abide when being mistreated.  It is the politicians/tyrants themselves who have returned us to a state of having only two choices: Endure the tyranny, or kill the Fucktards.

So be it.

So, am I outraged that pro-Russians shot a Mayor in the back who stood between them and their self-determination?


Here's the story.



  1. It has been hard for me to not say this previously, but at this point I no longer care: I'm sure I am already on all sorts of government watch lists, and I can't act on this statement any time soon because I can't leave my 3 year old son yet, and I am not a leader in any sense of the word. So, having said all of that... When do we start to tar and feather the bastards? (You thought I was going to ask when we start killing them, didn't you?)
    Tar and feathering doesn't have to be a death sentence, but it is very cruel (I'd say it's worse than assassination since you have to live with the burns from the boiling tar, and that ain't fun). However, it's not actually murder, and it has proven in the past to be an effective means of informing those who would be masters that we will only tolerate so much.
    Just don't get caught when you do it (very hard in these times, the current government of this continent is much more powerful than the king was, and the "average citizen" is still afraid of it.

  2. Does the above post also apply to those who pretend to be our "brothers in arms?"
    Apparently, sipsey is now urging supporters of the Bundy family to stop sending donations to the numerous individuals who are defending the Bundy ranch.
    His request is posed as if vounteers and those defending are solely OK's., and that anyone who has/is donating logistical goods are only sending it to stewie and his quislings.

    "The cluster coital stuation at the Bundy Ranch. Hold up on the donations of gear, goods and green until the situation becomes clearer:
    I'll hopefully have an intelligent analysis later today of what has been happening with provocateurism, disinformation and infighting at the Bundy Ranch since the moment I got on the plane to come back east, but I am awaiting some further communication from Oath Keepers. Hold up on the donations of gear, goods and green until the situation becomes clearer."
    Posted by Dutchman6 at 8:16 AM

    1. Mike is, and has always been, in it for Mike first. He does not support anything or anyone that he does not control or that does not benefit him personally. Sadly, he doesn't have a live & let live capacity - he feels an imperative to malign anything and anyone not benefitting him. Mike had the ability at one point to genuinely benefit Liberty - but that was never his goal nor in his Soul. At his core he is a petty, selfish and diseased creature.

      Good for the III that this has been recognized by most and he has been permitted to marginalize himself without further shaming and harming the III.

    2. "Mike is, and has always been, in it for Mike first."

      The way things are going, that may be his biggest saving grace. People need to get that, and quick.

      I can hardly wait to hear the whole story on the OK thing. There's gonna have to be some fancy dancing to make any sense of it. No doubt we'll see the dancing, but I wonder about the sense.

      I also can hardly wait until rational men understand that being for yourself and your values IS Rightful Liberty.

    3. "I also can hardly wait until rational men understand that being for yourself and your values IS Rightful Liberty."

      Jim, you are missing the second half of Jefferson's definition. While self-interest is, of course, the ultimate Human motivator - it ain't Rightful Liberty if you pursue your own goals at the expense of the equal rights of others.

      Mike believes in Zero Sum. If X does not directly benefit him, he rarely just ignores X - he usually tries to smear, slander, undermine X and everyone working on X.

      That is NOT Rightful Liberty. That is the most base Human failing.

  3. The russian-backed thugs running around Eastern Ukraine are not fighting for the people's self-determination but executing their op orders on behalf of others. 3/4 of the people of the region want nothing to do with Russia, but are being hijacked by these clowns - bagged, tagged, and delivered to Putin. Is this the self-determination that we should be applauding? The self-determination of a thief who comes to rob you while you applaud his courage at getting up in the morning and taking on his risky enterprise?

    1. So - what about the other 25% who do want something to do with Russia? Must they simply accept a Kiev that has had a coup and a pro-EU President installed and the elected pro-Russian President exiled? Are you suggesting the majority gets to decide for the minority how they must live?

      Even accepting your 75/25 numbers (which I do not) - I would hold the 25% are seeking self-determination and Kiev is telling them no.

      I am a hardcore Constitutionalist. I do not believe Secession is a prudent move for Americans. However, if a man is born here, grows up and decides he wants to opt out, tell me who has the moral right to demand he remain subjugated to the Constitution?

      Here's the answer, in case anyone is struggling: No man has the moral Right to force any man to remain within a political system he finds inappropriate. When a man wants to walk away, moral men let him go in peace.

      Very few moral men in the world today...

    2. Yep - don't care a whit about any of them. But it is a good teaching tool for application here.

  4. Now that I put some additional thought into the subject, and since I play a decent game of chess.
    I am certain that not only was the drone strike "insider-info" a staged operation by stewie and others, but it was an intentionally public seperation of forces by them, specifically for the eyes of fedgov, to inform them that he and OK(and their supporters)are simply a respectable voice of opposition that seeks to honor the Constitution, by not following orders that violate the Constitution. It is those small numbers of bitter clingers that remain who are "racists, domestic terrorists and criminal militias," so whatever you do to dislodge them and arrest the Bundy Family, it is okay with OK.

    1. All of you guys who fancy yourselves to be "Analysts" please understand what CavMedic just did is called REASON and DEDUCTION from observable facts, coupled with real-world experience and common sense to arrive at a logical conclusion - it IS REAL analysis - not blind guessing in the dark, not trying to fit facts with a desired outcome. Pay flippin' attention!

      Cav: You are on-target. Several sources are working on nailing down the details, but your analysis is what will prove to be reality. The "drone strike" crap was born at the Bundy Ranch. Stewie and the OKs were essentially declared persona non grata by the Ranch, and he's trying to save face and leave without being embarrassed in front of his members. He's also certainly in CYA mode with FedGov.

      When the final reports are posted I'll be certain to link for everyone. Damned good work connecting the dots.


  5. A final add-on for this conversation.
    stewie and his disinfo work did it's job extremely well.
    There are very few remaining on site prepared to defend the
    Bundy's and the ranch.
    Here is a video update from Sunday morning, 27APR14, showing just how few remain encamped at the Bundy ranch.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_0LIF8DTHU - shoes on the ground video report by Americanlife7022


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