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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Strategy & Tactics: Hostages

Hostages in Ukraine, held by Pro-Russian Militia
Consider the impact of a suddenly missing Regime stooge in each of our 50 most-populated metro areas, all at once.  Consider the ability of the Regime to respond to 50 such brush fires at once.

I believe in overwhelming and devastating action, with the intent to quickly take from your enemy the ability to fight, or the will to fight.

In war, then, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns. - Sun Tzu

One Enemy of Liberty returning to ambient temperature in the street for all to see, in 50 different cities, all at once.  Another 50 Enemies of Liberty disappeared.  Spread him thin.  Instill fear at once.  Provide no massed force for him to retaliate against.  Remind him of his mortality.  Make him worried for his home & hearth.  Such a strategy would tax any Regime.

Here's an article on the hostages taken by Pro-Russian militia.

There's going to be a fight.  The fight is begun.  Let's win.


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  1. Hostage taking is always a loser. It is seen by the "sheep" as terrorist, and has no point and no value the moment the enemy "wrights off" the hostage. Execution of enemy prisoners is only marginally effective IF the enemy places value on human life. If they don't then you place your teams at increased risk, for less gain than could be achieved by striking a single "high value" infrastructure target . Targets that pose far less risk of team loss , capture, retaliation upon families and local civilians (the very people whose support you want) and bad "PR" During WW-2 this tactic was tried by the "underground" in several country's and it ALWAYS failed to gain the underground's goal's and in several cases led to the loss of support of the civilian population and capture and / or death for the underground. With no lasting harm done to the enemy.----Ray


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