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Sunday, April 27, 2014

When Surrender is no longer prudent...

WiscoDave sends another poignant and timely reminder that the Enemies of Liberty are on a war footing, and you'd better understand that fact.  The article includes a series of pictures, including the one above.  The guy being arrested is obviously not resisting - at least not until the big guy moves to his face and begins putting his hands toward his neck.  The two cops at his rear are calm.  The cop at his front simply wraps his meathooks around his neck and begins to choke him out.  He, too, is calm.  The other cops do absolutely NOTHING to stop the choker.  In short order, as will happen when blood is not permitted to your brain, the guy being arrested buckles.

This is obviously simple malice, malevolence and thuggery.  But I'm not going to engage that topic.

When the man chose to surrender to arrest, his hands were bound.  He surrendered all physical ability to defend himself.  In an America where people respect the system, no problem.  The details can be hashed out in court.  But we are not in that America any longer.  All this guy did was make it more comfortable for LEO to murder him, if LEO chose to murder him. 

If you find yourself facing arrest, you'd better understand that you are gambling with your life if you choose to surrender and trust the good nature and morality of the men arresting you.  Sure, they will probably deliver you to jail, then court.  They may thump you a bit, especially when they read your online comments.  But they probably won't murder you.


Until they decide to murder you.

Understand that your pursuit of Rightful Liberty is a direct threat to everyone wearing a badge, except your local Sheriff.  If you realize your goals of restoring Rightful Liberty, the cops in the picture above lose their pensions and income.  You threaten his ability to feed his family.  That fact, when added to all the other psychotic traits and facts we know about the average LEO, should make you very, very hesitant to surrender and go peacefully, even for something "minor".

I am not telling you to never permit yourself to be arrested.  That's your call, and you have to gut-check the circumstances.

What I am telling you: If you surrender for arrest, be aware you may be murdered with your hands bound.  Here's the article.

Now add this to the mix: Holder’s DOJ was apparently considering using criminal prosecution against these conservative activists to silence them, doing so for activities which are perfectly legal.

Holder was working with Lois Lerner at IRS and considered arresting Tea Party folks who dared challenge the Regime on political grounds. 

If you do not understand that this Regime is employing the Mischa Wolf model, I can't help you.  Here's this article, also from WiscoDave.



  1. A better phone covnersation with stewie, regarding supposed "drone strike", about why ok left(especially stewie) has pulled WAY back from the Bundy ranch.

  2. http://www.wate.com/story/25354386/sheriffs-office-fires-deputy-in-ft-sanders-party-incident

    hat tip to instapundit for the link

    This is only one appropriate response to thousands of abuses every year, it's a good action for the victim in this case, but it doesn't mean much in the overview. Until it's time to go active.


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