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Friday, April 11, 2014

Resistance can be seen in many acts - Bravo to Nevada & Utah auction houses...

Auction houses in Nevada and now Utah are refusing to accept Bundy cattle delivered by BLM.

Resistance.  Pure and simple.  These people should be commended.

I would suggest this situation can only be remedied with the return of the Bundy cattle to the Bundy ranch.  Perhaps one auction house may accept the cattle - then hire trucks to take them back home to the Bundy Ranch?  When you choose to stand against tyranny, you must engage on the issue at hand.  When you protest Barry-cades, you return them to sender, dropping them back at the front door of the White House.  When you protest 2A infringements in Connecticut, you do so while armed.  When you protest a "First Amendment Area" you relocate that bitch.  And when you protest the theft of cattle - you get the damned cattle.

To our Patriots on the ground - America is watching you.  History is watching you.  Your allies in the Liberty Community are watching you and helping every way we know how.  Stand tall.  Do your duty.  Do not die on this hill.  Remember your Patton, if it comes to that end.  Do not surrender, it is too late for that.  See it through, wherever that may lead.

Your actions will set the pace and direction of the hunt for Liberty for years to come - whether you stand fast or yield.  It is in your hands now.  You are writing our history.

Here's the link to the story regarding auction houses.  Good on them.


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  1. Several questions arise from my reading..

    Is anyone protesting at Harry Reid's office and /or home or the Governor's ?

    Is anyone propagandizing against the enforcer's as quislings or criminals ?

    Why hasn't the local Sheriff taken action against these outlaw feds ?

    Is there any indication of a buildup of feds anywhere else in the country as if they expect trouble ?

    Keep the Faith.
    Yank lll


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