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Friday, April 11, 2014

FALSE: Cell Towers Down in Bundy AO?

**UPDATE** This was bad information - too bad it made it all the way to The Examiner.

Here's the reality.

To everyone who is supportive, on the ground, and online: Make every effort to be realistic when reporting events.  Bad intel is worse than useless, it can be deadly as hell.  The cells were not down and certainly not by nefarious means.

I am also speaking to those who declared there would be 5,000 more militia on the ground Friday.  This sort of thing, if not true, only serves to undermine credibility. 

There is plenty of drama taking place.  No need to make anything up.  Let's prove to the country that the people involved are forthright, level-headed, and definitely NOT the sort to cry wolf or mislead by use of false information.


Report at Examiner claims cell towers have been shut down and radio is the only comms available.

Here's the link.

Any confirmations?

Got radio?

**UPDATE**  I rec'd an email from the Bundy's at 9:07 Eastern.  If cells are down, they must have different internet connection.  This leads to -> if .Gov were isolating them, they'd have shut down internet access as well. We shall see.


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