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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

They mean to be Masters...

The NYTimes has run a piece explaining how our LEO are facing more and more mentally ill people, which is why they have to shoot more people.  Those poor, poor policemen in ABQ had to kill that homeless guy, because he was a whack-a-doo.

This is what we call cover fire.  It's a technical term, use it carefully.

Killing whack-a-doos is something the NYTimes and their allies think is a necessary evil to save the country.  After all, according to the NYTimes Club, it isn't just homeless guys out camping in ABQ who are whack-a-doos.  Those obstinate people afflicted with ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) are whack-a-doos, too.  And those Bitter Clingers are whack-a-doos.  So, when our brave, strong, defenders of the public are forced to kill any whack-a-doo, it's a goodness thing.

They are providing cover for future events, folks.  There will be mission creep in this killing of the mentally ill, to soon include justifiably shooting you - because you are a whack-a-doo in their eyes. 

They are laying the ground.  Here's the NYTimes piece.

Just say No to the
Thin Blue Line, from Zoomie
Here is another important bit of news about Enemies of Liberty and Stupid People moving us toward an imminent and Candid Exchange of Views: A member of Congress believes the Article V Convention folks have reached their 34 state threshold to demand a convention.

This is a big deal.  I've discussed it before and my position is clear: Calling this convention is War.

Some of the Useful Idiots truly believe they can enter an Article V convention, prevent it from running away, pass amendments that will force politicians to abide the Constitution (ignoring the fact that politicians already ignore the Constitution, and that new amendments will simply give them more to ignore) and save the republic for Liberty without violence.

I feel bad for that level of stupid being in the hearts of otherwise well-meaning Countrymen.

But make no mistake: The politicians clamoring for an Article V convention know they can go beyond the stated intent of the convention, propose amendments that will gut the meaning of the Founders under the veil of legitimacy, then begin to slaughter their political enemies. Does anyone think they won't get 3/4 of the state legislatures currently in place to vote for anti-2A amendments, anti-1A, anti-4A, et cetera?  The ballot box will not stop sitting politicians from voting Yea.  They know they will not be re-elected - but they will be taken care of by their allies.  Remember how they passed ObamaCare?  Same-same.

Here's the piece on the CongressmanHere's the link to one of the most established groups calling for Article V.

I do not mind putting this tripwire out in public: The moment an Article V Convention convenes, I have no reason to remain on the porch.



  1. 12 states have rescinded their applications; if Congress must approve whether or not the Article V convention may go forward, those 12 recisions will weigh heavily, as it's 'an application,' not a vote (once cast, it remains) and will probably be argued before SCOTUS, if either side doesn't like the decision. That said, it looks as if the news folks are looking for a 'bump' by premature announcements.

    Personally, the convention is not the issue; it's what comes out of the convention. If it's a repeat of 1787 and the current constitution is effectively scrapped and the limitations on government power are cut, then the country has a major issue, even without ratification. If the Article V convention holds true to its intended purposes of limiting government by the purse, then it should not be a significant event.

    It'll be an adrenaline rush either way, though.

    My .02

    1. Agreed. The 12 recisions will be a point of contention to be certain. I also agree the outcome is what will matter.

      That said: I will consider the convention to be the same as an armed man sneaking up my sidewalk. I do not "know" he means to do injury, but I am going to assume it and act accordingly until I know for certain.

      Any convention with D's and R's in there taking decisions will be hostile to the Founder's Intent. That's an assumption I am comfortable accepting.

      Either way, as you say, adrenaline will be surging.

  2. Here's one for Zoomie..."ODD & Proud"

    "I have ODD---Keep your distance"

    "ODD---the cure is worse than the disease."

    "America---where ODD was born"

  3. 313.81 it's what's for dinner!


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