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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When you read that EPA poisoned Citizens...

You have to remember that "Government" is not the perpetrator.

"Government" did not poison your Countrymen.

"Government" is not a tangible you can punch or shoot or put on trial.

Human Beings, individual Human Beings, authorized, condoned and executed these crimes.

In addition to the Human Beings who turned on the gas or closed the door of the room in which experiments we conducted, there were scientists collecting and assessing data, there were secretaries who made it possible by moving the paper that made it all happen.  There were technicians who made the experiment equipment work.  There were politicians who funded the organization.  There were people who helped elect those politicians.  There were people in your neighborhood who voted for the politicians who voted to finance these experiments.

Every single Human Being in that chain violated their oath. 

Every single person in that chain violated basic Human decency.

Don't waster energy swinging at strawmen like "Government".

If we swing at smoke, we will lose.

Here's the piece.


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