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Friday, April 11, 2014

WTFing F??

**UPDATE** Sandman answered more fully at WRSA, here.


OK - we have a statement from the Bundy's that is slightly confusing:  We did run into a couple of issues, Milita men were being pulled over near the protesting area and taking peoples guns away from them, LEGAL guns!

I am going to assume the statement means that Militiamen were being pulled over and they were surrendering their guns.  I doubt Militiamen were taking anyone's guns.

OK, going forth with my assumption I want to state this as plainly and simply as I am able:

If you are a Militiaman and you went to Nevada to protect the Bundy's and/or Liberty, and you surrender your arms, you are a fucking idiot.

I hope we get more information and clarity on the topic.


Here's the link.



  1. Just what I was thinking. Get fucked, you can have the ammo first.

  2. That story comes out of a Group called Operation Mutual Aid (OMA) The call themselves a Militia and are good at getting on TV but they are not part of OUR network. The story was a Militiaman's (Ryan Payne) brother and his wife and kids got pulled. He apparently had loaded weapons and "supposedly" the State Troopers took them. I have never had good relations with OMA. They stir shit up and put out a lot of sensationalist crap. I call BS on anything originating from them.

  3. Just another point, Nevada STATE law prohibits traveling with long guns that have one in the chamber. It was put in place to hinder poachers. But you can have cased long guns, with the mag in.

  4. Wow..."are good at getting on TV but they are not part of OUR network. Kindasorta sounds like the OK's.....just sayin....LOL

  5. Thanks for the info Sandman. Seems like lots of bad info comming out. Need to get 1 PAO to handle it.

    GA Milita Medic


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