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Monday, May 19, 2014

Another push for Sandman: Please help, folks.

Bloggers - please spread this far and wide.

Patriots: The details are private to Sandman, but the need is real and immediate.

I've dropped the PayPal links below for patches and the T.O.C. - because while the III needs money to pull-off our plans, nothing matters more than helping one of our own when he needs help.

Anyone who has ever met Sandman knows he is the best of us.  If you've only dealt with him online, your instincts probably told you the same.  I'm here to tell you that Holly and I have met him, trained with him, and this past weekend at Brock's we watched him put every ounce of his credibility on the line to help bring we III closer to our Organized Militia allies.

He's been in this fight for Liberty for a LONG time.

Now, he needs our help.

The email address below is Sandman's - plug it into your PayPal and please help by sending the man whatever help you can afford.


Patriots - please do what you can.



  1. Hey, it's Christian. Sandman asked me to be your contact point with the militias until he gets things straightened out. I'll be pointing my guys to your donation link this weekend at our FTX.

    1. Hey Christian, thank you for stepping in. Can you please send me a good email address for you? Send to Kerodin@kerodin.com - I'm looking forward to helping our respective Patriots form unbreakable bonds.


  2. Done, and like PatriotUSA I'll do more if I can. Hope Sandman is doing well.

  3. Done, will try to do more later.

    Ala. Co. Rangers


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